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Heavy chemtrail action over South Carolina today.

I wonder why now maybe due to the primary election? Connected to liberal so-called war hero McCain and his airforce buddies?

Those who think chemtrails can't happen should take a look out my window and read what the liberal government has done in the past. Put nothing by Clinton/McCain.

-- cathe14 (, February 12, 2000


cathe .... Wouldn't put it past them to think " long term " on Social Security , which by latest word , Klintoons man in place of Rubin , is plundering and replacing the money with I.O.U.s . Now , wouldn't it be nice in 2005 - 2020 , if their were many fewer collectors of SS , so they DON'T have to come up with the money they STOLE in 2000 ? Think about it !! Eagle ( circling ... watching ... waiting ... our turn will come )

-- Hal Walker (e999eagle@FREEWWWEB.COM), February 12, 2000.

I get tired of that doggy picture below. Really. *I get tired of that doggy picture below* See it? Man I get tired of that doggy picture....Man.

-- Ivan (, February 12, 2000.

Yeah, I've seen them too. Often. Was in Columbia this past week on some business and the `x's' were numerous. I live in upstate SC and will come out on the deck and see them in the sky drifting towards Columbia. Wonder how long it will be before we REALLY know what they are?

-- Scooter (, February 12, 2000.

Whooooops. I guess doze pictures below change around alot. Hmmm. I still get sick of that picture though.

-- Ivan (, February 12, 2000.

Ivan ... It's NOT a picture ! Your looking in a mirror !! Eagle

-- Hal Walker (e999eagle@FREEWWWEB.COM), February 12, 2000.

The photos change at random. Sometimes they kinda fit the text, almost humorously, usually they don't.

New ones would be nice, though.

-- but will anyone (take@the.hint), February 12, 2000.

Cathy, sounds like you got push polled. The Bush camp has been very busy with trying to associate McCain with Clinton.

So go ahead, vote for Bush. Vote for the guy who refuses to answer questions about youthful drug use, was taken off flight duty in the Texas Air National Guard for refusing to take a physical from anyone EXCEPT his personal doctor (and I suppose you have forgotten what the same action was supposed to prove about Clinton a couple years ago),and that at a time when it is claimed he was using drugs, whose alcohol problem is well known and who consistently lies about his accomplishments.

Vote for the guy who neither protested the war nor truly served, but used privledge to wank himself into a cushy seat as a Guard pilot. Maybe you should check up on his OCS training when he got his wings - he had NO OCS. NONE. ZIPPO! Clear violation of regs, but they gave him lieutenant bars after 5 weeks of basic. Check it out - even in his OWN (ghost-written) biography he tries to gloss over the fact that he got his bars BEFORE he was trained as an 'officer and a gentleman'. Other biographers don't omit those facts by stating (as he does): "after 50 weeks of training I got my lieutenants wings", both incorrect and stupid as there is no such thing as lieutenants wings. His own (ghosted) words show him up as a nitwit!

Or perhaps you would rather he ran on his father's record? Lesse:"READ MY LIPS". Remember that one? Or do you remember the Clean Air Act? An action that cost tens of thousands of jobs, and moved many thousands of others to the Western US coal areas.

Western areas that voted Bush, BTW, so what does it matter if you take jobs away from nasty old EASTERNERS!

Hey, isn't South Carolina part of the EAST? Golly geewhillikers Batman, would them good ole boys buy that Texas SNAKE OIL?

McCain's associations with Clinton are small at worst. The real reason McCain is getting such crappy treatment from the Republican party bosses is twofold: first, he doesn't kowtow to them, and they don't like it a little bit. Second, he wants to take their power over the candidates away from them through reform of the election process, mostly as regards money and how it is raised. Small wonder they are trying to crown GWB as king, whether or not he could stand the heat of a real election.

Oh, as for that question about why he is still raising money the traditional way? Suppose you had a boxer who was trying to convince everyone that the game would improve if you were only allowed to block with the left hand. Why would he not do this on his own, against opponents who were still blocking with either hand? BECAUSE HE WOULD GET THE CRAP BEAT OUT OF HIM, THAT'S WHY! Unilateral disarmament is ALWAYS a dumbass idea. Change the rules, THEN everyone is on an equal footing, and cheating is punished.

Oh, just a BTW, when the last election commission made its final recommendations, they said the Democrats should return $7 million, the Republicans should return $17 million in improperly raised funds. Congress chose to ignore the report. It is good to keep a sense of reality in these affairs.

-- toomany trollshere (, February 13, 2000.

ok well now its not them darn dogs its them friggin adirondak chairs. .... ... kinda tired'o'them too. ... should spend my time better.

-- Ivan (, February 13, 2000.

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