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In remote country areas motorists were paying $1.25 in Warburton, $1.11 in Madura and 97.3c in Sandfire Flats.

That's $Aus1.25 per litre!


Petrol nudges $1-a-litre mark
Graham Mason

FAMILIES are being slugged up to $55 a month more for petrol compared with a year ago.

Perth motorists were paying as little as 58.1c a litre this time last year for unleaded petrol. This week, some metropolitan stations were selling a litre of unleaded for as much as 91.2c  a jump of more than 56 per cent.

Petrol prices averaged 63.7c a litre in February last year compared with 83.1c for the first week of February this year.

The increase in prices at the pump is being driven by a rise in oil prices.

A barrel of oil has increased from $12 to $28 over the past year.

Every $1 increase in the price of a barrel of oil equates to a 1c increase in the pump price.

The Arab-dominated Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries has squeezed supply and prices have jumped as a result.

A colder than usual winter in the northern hemisphere this year has also pushed demand and prices up.

RAC senior engineer (policy) Mike Upton said OPEC was holding firm on supply agreements.

"Stocks of crude oil are low at the moment and prices will stay up as long as demand remains strong," he said.

"OPEC countries are also holding to their supply agreements.

"In the past they have broken down but it hasn't happened this time."

The tip is things will not improve this year.

OPEC does not meet again until March so oil prices will not fall before then.

The State and Federal Governments impose a 44.1c excise on a litre of unleaded fuel and 46.3c a litre on leaded fuel.

If prices remain at current levels the GST will add to the pump price even though the Government promised lower fuel prices after the introduction of the GST.

The Government plans to remove a 7c fuel excise but as long as prices remain above 77c a litre the post-GST price will increase.

An 85c a litre of petrol pre-GST will equate to 85.8c after July 1.

Motor Trade Association WA executive director Peter Fitzpatrick said country people were in a worse position.

"Oil companies do not compete in the country so there is no price discounting," he said.

"They will be hit harder by the GST."

While Perth averaged 83.1c a litre for unleaded fuel this week, regional and remote country centres were paying considerably more.

The average price in Albany was 90.5c a litre, Bunbury was 89.3c and Kalgoorlie was 87.2c.

In remote country areas motorists were paying $1.25 in Warburton, $1.11 in Madura and 97.3c in Sandfire Flats.

Most Perth motorists who spoke to The Sunday Times at Shell Galleria on Thursday said their biggest frustration was the daily fluctuation in prices.

Faye Nurse of Dianella said she was putting in only $10 worth of petrol while the price was 85.9c a litre in the hope that it would be cheaper later in the day.

Dick Paini of Morley said he noticed that the price was 8.6c a litre cheaper in the morning but he had not acted quickly enough.

"I'm a pensioner and I think it's a bit extreme," he said.

"I think the price should be constant so people know where they stand."


Amazing difference in pricing all over the country. Diesel at $Aus0.87 per litre here - Unleaded at $Aus0.89 - Super at $Aus0.91 - Posted as an awareness update....

Regards from OZ

-- Pieter (, February 12, 2000


That's roughly equivalent to $2.42 USD per gallon.......

You're getting the same beefs over there we're getting. People are the same everywhere, eh?

-- rocky (rknolls@no.spam), February 12, 2000.

Hmmm...that's funny...the pollies said the oil problem was contained to the NE USA...I guess they were wrong huh...

-- (@ .), February 12, 2000.

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