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I want to thank all of you that responded to my initial suggestion that we, users of Konica slr cameras, write Konica Japan and/or Konica USA and let them know that we are interested in seeing Konica again getting into the production of an slr camera or cameras with their Konica II mount system. I, for one, have written both Konica Japan and Konica USA and voiced my concern and readiness to purchase a newly produced Konica slr. I hope others of you have done the same. I appreciate all the different ideas of what kind of features should be included in a new line of Konica slrs, but, of course, this has to be expressed to the Konica people themselves, presumably to Konica Japan. One of you wrote saying we shouldn't bother asking for a new production of Konica slrs, but continue to use the services of Greg Weber, i.e. purchase from his stock and get him to repair cameras that need it and, on top of that, get into another system, such as Canon's autofocus system. I say yes to all of that. However, at some point the Konica T3's and FT-1's will start coming to an end. And all those great lenses for the Konica II coupling system that I've got will eventually become useless. It's bound to happen, even in my lifetime. And since I've invested hundreds of dollars (probably, in actuality, 2 thousand dollars plus)in all those lenses, I'd like to see a new line of Konica slrs produced to support the lenses that I now possess (that inclues bellows and slide copier). Of course, a new line of slrs would probably also include contemporary features. The point is that, if possible, I'd like to continue using my lenses and bellows for the Konica slr system and not have to start out buying another make of slr camera and a whole line of lenses such as Canon, Nikon or whatever. I've already invested too much in the Konica lens and camera system and I'd like to have future support for that. That is why I wrote my idea on this website. May I suggest again that if you have ideas for a new line of Konica slrs, let Konica Japan and/or Konica USA hear from you with your particular concerns. While I appreciate hearing about your ideas on this score, more importantly, it's Konica Japan that needs to hear from you. Thanks again for your kind responses. All the best to you all. George Repetski

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000


Lifetime Konicas


As that great American said, "I feel your pain" My fix is to lay in a lifetime supply of Knnicas. I have 9 SLRs now, countinf my original that's still going stron2 28 years on..

So, not to worry. I'm sure most of them will outlive me.. And I'm not planning to go in the stop bath anytime soon..


-- Anonymous, February 12, 2000

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