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Hello all,

I have a ATI AIW 128 16meg and I use its proprietry ATI VCR 2.0 AVI codec to capture to AVI then using LSX to convert to VCD-compliant MPEG files. However, even when using this effecient codec, I managed to get only 50mins of video per 2gig segment in AVI_IO.

Is there any software that would allow me to merge 2 50min mpeg files into 74min segmented files for VCD encoding?


-- Jeffrey Lau (, February 11, 2000



The best solution is to use a video editing program such as "Premiere" or "Ulead Video Studio", to put the AVI side by side, and make a final MPG file.

The other solution is to use a program such as iFilmEdit to join MPEG files together.

Cheers, Josh

-- Josh (, February 12, 2000.

Jeffrey: ATI comes with Mpeg-1 encoding format as well as it's proprietary VCR 2.0 format. ATI produced very high quality Mpeg-1 files using mpeg1 stream (not the VCD format) @ 2500kbits/s or above. Use this option to put more time into your file before encoding it to VCD. I know LSX will not take mpeg1 file format...i wish it does because it's a slightly better encoder than Panasonic; However, Panasonic does take mpeg1 format. I've got great result from Panasonic with my 2900kbits/sec mpeg1 files, which i've recorded up to 2hr20min vid.

-- lnguyen (, February 13, 2000.

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