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What are the various parameters that need defined on the AEG/CGK voting with their latest version?

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000


We need:
1. The list of classifiers for AEG.
2. New parameter TAG_LB_READER =	0x04a0: Select the used 
recognition engine, which can be any of the following (PSW = AEG):

#define TAG_V_LB_RAW_RECOSTAR 4 #define TAG_V_LB_RAW_PSW 5 #define TAG_V_LB_RAW_VOTER 6

3 New parameter TAG_LB_VOTING_SKLAS = 0x04a2: Voting Risk level for the read area. (should actually be "Confidence level required")

** Allowed Values: TAG_V_SKLAS_TIEF : low ** TAG_V_SKLAS_MITTEL : medium ** TAG_V_SKLAS_HOCH : high *

I believe the translation of this is: Low = accept a character if it is first in the primary engine and listed in the other one as a possibility. Medium = accept a character if it is first in both engines High = accept only if it passes predefined confidence levels in both engines

4. New parameter TAG_LB_VOTING_BIAS = 0x04a3: Voting bias for the read area.

** Allowed Values: -100 ... +100 ** -100 : Results from RecoStar reader prefered ** +100 : Results from PSW reader prefered.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000

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