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Hi, I just looked at my test scores online...and i was so surprised to see that many people if not all did not do well at all. And then there were a whole bunch that did well...yet the grades were all spread out. why is this? i suspect that it could be due to us having three totally different tests. I don't think that that is entirely fair for everyone. And if this is the case, are the individual tests going to be graded against the whole class or just the same color tests? I've seen some scrapwork for some of the other tests and i have to say, that there were some tests which were significantly eaiser than the others. I'm not quite sure that that is fair either...i realize that there are "cheaters" out there, and that is going to happen, so woulnd't it be okay to just switch the order of the questions as well as the numbers for each specific question? doesn't that make better in itself. I'm not complianing or anything and i didn't do bad on the test but i would just like to use this oppurtunity to ask and pose the question of how fair it really is for us all to get differnt tests that were clearly different in difficulites (not even subject matter) to different people based on where you happen to sit. In that case, I would have been much better off sitting two seats over. Thanks

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000


I agree with you. The gold test was extremely harder than the blue test. I took the blue test and got a 90 on it, but I saw my friend's gold test, and if I took that test I probably would have gotten a 60 on it like him. I really think this test was extremely unfair to the people who had to take the gold test, and I don't know about the third test, but from what I heard it was harder than the blue test also. I hope that the professor will take this into some consideration, while reviewing the test grades. I think that if the average scores on the gold test were lower than the average scores on the blue test...than it should be curved. Thats my opinion.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000

I completely agree that the tests were unfair. I looked at the blue test before I was given my test which was the gold test, and it was quite a bit more difficult than the blue test. The range of the grades is an obvious example that there was some discrepancy in the fairness of the tests. If students who took the blue test are concerned that the gold test was more difficult than obvious there is a problem which definitely needs to be resolved. Thanks

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

I completely agree with you all. I had the gold test and it was DEFINITELY hardest test of them all. I saw the other tests and talked to friends who took other colored tests and they all scored better on the average than all my friends who had gold test. I think the gold test should be scaled on a different scale. Gold test was definitely unfair out of them all.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000

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