Who's in this group? (Introductions for new members to read).

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Who are you and what do you do? Feel free to throw in any pertinent information about yourself.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000


hi, i'm ann. i'm a 28-year-old artist, and i've considered myself polyamorous for two and a half years. my most time-consuming hobby is web design, followed closely by playing roller coaster tycoon (lately; my interest in this game will surely decline someday!). i'm a cat person in a big way. i do not capitalize when posting on bulletin boards or writing email. you can read much, much more on my website: jellyfish absolution.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000

Hi, I'm Goldy, and I capitalize when I feel like it LOL. I'm 37, married (14 yrs!), and I've acted like a poly person for most of my life even though I didn't know it was called that until a couple of years ago. We have 2 kids and a cat, and we're all hoping for a yard with a fence one day so we can also have a dog... What I do for a living is hard to explain because my job description keeps expanding to include whatever needs doing at the moment. I have a degree in Construction Management and except for a mercifully brief stint as a Toyota salesperson, I've always been involved in the construction industry. Currently, I'm trying to help the Madison construction dept of my company act more like contractors than consultants. I shuffle lots of paper, and don't get nearly as much field time as I need to keep me sane. Which brings me to: What I do... LOL My dh, Barney, maintains that I am the goddess witch, whatever that means, but I have to admit that interesting things happen when I apply mySelf. I am fascinated by cosmology, most things spiritual, and many things quantum, mystical, universal and inexpressible. I _know_ that everything is connected somehow, and I love discovering the ties. I welcome all discussions on these topics. for fun and relaxation we (definitely we) love to entertain our friends and loved ones in as many ways as we can imagine. We try to keep our house warm and comfortable, and we delight in orchestrating lovely experiences involving all the senses... heck, I guess we should just admit we're a couple of foodie wannabees, with a streak of lush thrown in there! You name it, we'll attempt to serve it up in the appropriate china/hollow/bar ware for everyone's enjoyment. Those of you reading this that already know this can attest to anybody new.... What my poly life is like right now: hmmm.... well... I'm awfully happy where I am, and it mostly has to do with not being in the south anymore, and some new, terribly comfortable and fun snuggle buddies. My dh (that's dear husband for all those who may be acronym impaired) is involved in a couple of long distance relationships, and I've just ended one. Mostly, its just a delight to be a part of the WiPoly community. But if anything more wonderful turns up, I'll keep you posted! heheheh

In harmony, goldy

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000

It's been quite a while since we were able to make a meeting so don't know whether I am still in the group or not. I guess that is more for the group to say.

I have been poly for a very long time, since I was about 15 and understood that it could even exist. My spouse and I have been married 30 yrs this coming September. I am a secondary (sorry Lee:) of another couple and have been involved in this triad on and off for several years. I have another lovely relationship that has also been ongoing for several years though both of them are somewhat long distance and subject to the vagaries of my school schedule and coordinating all of our schedules. Juggling the needs of lovers, spouse, family, my nest (Pagan group), school, etc. has been somewhat stressful and some of the other things that I like to do such as being involved in WIpoly have been difficult to maintain.

Life holds such promise of excitement, of learning, of pleasure. How does one get time to do it all? Please don't tell this Gemini that she has to actually focus on only a few things. I have never been able to do that. That's one of the reasons it took me this long to decide what I wanted to be when I grow up:)

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2000

Who's in this group? ((Introductions for new members to read)

Hi all. I'm Chris B. I started this group about 2 and a half years ago, and it's one of the best things I've done in my life. I am very grateful for the friends I've made in this group.

I am a 40 year old female, almost-but-not-quite living in Madison (12 more days!). I have an 18 year son and belong to a triad including two of our members (Pete & Cathryn) who have four children (three at home). I work as an assistant to an attorney practicing worker's comp and Social Security disability law. I am active in community and environmental issues, and enjoy buying books (especially cookbooks), reading books (especially history and travel/adventure), cooking, camping, canoeing, biking, being naked, drinking beer, decorating and keeping a neat home, and brushing my cat Annabelle Vorpal Kitty.

My poly life currently revolves around my partners Pete and Cathryn. Pete and I have been together for a year and a half, and we've been three for just over a year. We have worked hard, had our ups and downs, and are committed to staying together. We do not live together full time, but we seem to be spending a lot of our weekends together. It'll be a good 10 years before all the kids are grown and on their way, and we look forward to a quiet, peaceful poly home (but that's right around the time the grandkids will be showing up!).

At this point in time, I don't have much desire to start other sexual relationships, but I do treasure my loving friends and enjoy varying degrees of intimacy that satisfy my poly needs and desires. I've been burned and am taking some time to relearn trust in others and myself. Life is long.



-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

Hello, I am Ellen B. and I have been with this group (at least the first time I met someone from the group I was onelisting to) since July of 1999. I am married to a gay man and we have a beautiful 9 year old daughter. From the start of our relationship (we were 19, now in 2000 we are 32 and 33 respectively) We agreed that eventually we would be non-monogamous (poly was not yet in our vocabulary). It took us 13 years but we were finally done with school and in an emotional place to start other serious relationships. We have been dating and loving the ups and the downs.(loving the ups more than the downs!) I was in love with a woman for 6 years, finally let go of it. Lately just dating. What does not kill us will make us stronger! When I found this group I was very excited, I had just learned that there was a word and support for what we were trying to accomplish and if felt great to know we were not alone. We still battle the "well society says this" feelings, but actively work at dispelling the myth of societal norms. Personally I think poly is an evolutionary step forward (to let go of jealousy and love without strings attached)but it is only my opinion. I am a communal person by nature and a loving person by nurture. So this lifestyle is perfect for me. I don't think I ever understood why I couldn't love two (or three, or four etc) people! I would not trade loving women and men for anything. So that is my poly story and a little of my poly philosophy.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2000

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