Konica 45-150/3.5

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I came across an mail-order ad in a '86 Photography mag with a selling price of $289. Did Konica make a lens like this or is it a posible typo? I know they had a 45-100/3.5 UC Macro but that was listedlisted at $495. Thanks Dave

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000


Konica 45-150/3,5

Hello dave, There never was a Konica Hexanon lens like that. There were only the one you named Hexanon 45-100/3,5 UC macro and a very early in 1965 Hexanon 47-100/3,5 (smaller tha the UC!) made especially for the half-format Auto Reflex. And the Hexanon 70-150/4,0 from 1981. Regards from a collector in Germany Heinz Willig

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2000

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