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Have you been having any problems with Yahoo, eBay, etc. since the outages this week?

From the Yahoo Complaints Forum:

Message #192

Since Yahoo! went down a couple of days ago under what is alleged to be a major hacker attack many things have been operating in a strange fashion. For example, Yahoo club posts that used to show up instaneously now take some time to get up.

However there is one change that has come about that has created a substantial problem for me. I had my system set up to use the News Alerts to keep me up to speed on a number of important business matters. It has always been a excellent and very useful Yahoo feature.

However, since the hacker attack, none of my Yahoo alerts are functioning at all. I have tried to reinstall and several other strategems but nothing seems to breath life into them.

Of course, the most frustrating part is that it is almost impossible to know how to even get mail to Yahoo on many issues and then even harder to get an intelligent response.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the situation or any reliable information?

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 11, 2000


My thoughts: let it be for a few days, giving the Yahoo techs time to fix things. This isn't the first time that Yahoo had suffered slow- downs and other weirdnesses. The last time was when they acquired GeoCities: for about three days, we had problems with slow-downs and accessing our mail, as well as the system "freezing" during chat.

It's good planning to have several other mail accounts. Try Tripod for another free one: link.

-- (, February 11, 2000.

Sorry: use this one --

-- (, February 11, 2000.

Ebay has been pretty slow. AOL has been a little strange the last couple of days too! Get thrown off about every few minutes, and have reinstalled it several times, and makes no difference. Think it must be their server.

-- suzy (, February 11, 2000.

Weird problems with Yahoo since the other day. Big deal? Don't know. Just never seen them personally.

-- canthappen (, February 12, 2000.

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