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I have PowerMac G4/400 with Toast, ASTARTE M.Pack 3.0.3e, and Yamaha CD burner. I created several animations and sound combine from Adobe After effect and render into quicktime movie then convert into Video-cd. Toast burn it perfect but when I tried to play back there is no sound or broken sound. I brought in the cd to the Goodguy and try on the better model and it work perfect. What can I do to get the sound right? I used media from Staple called Nashua. I have the movie set to 352x240 but when I play back, It zoom in so much that cut out so many stuff around. do you know any solution for that also?


-- Long Kim Nguyen (, February 11, 2000


Long: I had a Pioneer D525 single disc DVD player, before I trade it in for the multi-disc Pioneer C302D (VCD takes two discs for one movie and three discs for high-res...I am lazy in switching out discs). The only time i am experiencing this problem is when you have your motion estimation setting on your mpeg-1 files set too high during creation. Rendering it into VCD will not fix this problem between sound and audio. Look at your muxing process to resolve this problem.

-- lnguyen (, February 11, 2000.

i had the same problem whit mpeg files encoded whit powervcr i solved it passing the file in m1-edit pro (, obviously it is a pc program not a mac one...

-- no name (, March 01, 2000.

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