Where's that darn Monitor and just what is it looking at?

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The Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine shines like a beacon into the night. see what these lights reveal in the Moorish Science Monitor. Vol 9 issues #1 and #2 available form the shrine @ 4$ a piece

issue #1 features Hakim Bey, poetry, weather up dates, the Tucson Fire Society, comentary on the O 7 Koran, a tribute to Henry Corbin and moor.

issue #2 features history of the Moorish Movement from the Moorish League, more and new material from Hakim Bey, new material on the Ishmaelites, Thom Metzger, A.I.G.H., and eye witness reports from "The Battle in Seattle",peotry, art and of corse Moor.

write to the Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine 330 Nth 4th ave #23 Tucson Arizona 85705

An Ocean Of Remembrance In Every Drop

-- Omar El Flam Bey (fireinthewhole@hotmail.com), February 10, 2000

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