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January 6, 2000

Fielder: Majority Of Y2K PC Problems Will Occur In April

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The story here:

Karl Feilder, head of bug-busting company Greenwich Mean Time said: "It's a case of the media gets it wrong and computer experts get it right. We've all been saying that less than 10 per cent of Y2K problems were going to occur on 31 December. In any case when the Melissa virus hit, it took us nearly a week to find out about it."

"The peak of Y2K problems will be in April, just after the end of the first quarter, when people realise their spreadsheets, accounts and billing systems have gone wrong," said Feilder. "We've still only checked 10 per cent of the world's PCs for Y2K compliance," he added.

[Gartner research director Andy Kyte] said Y2K problems could happen throughout the year but one of the main pressure points could be today (4 January). He warned that it is middle sized businesses - big enough to rely on IT but too small to have an IT department - that could be hit hardest. Such businesses tend to rely heavily on IT suppliers for advice, he said.

Drew Parkhill, CBN News, Y2K Insights

-- Lee Maloney (, February 10, 2000

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