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Hi there!

I own a Philips CDi player and use it for watching VCDs. It works fine with my original commercial VCDs and plays the hommade ones as well, but I have problems with the menus.(e.g. the photo album VCD from Win on CD 3.7) My intention is to create a menu driven VCD that works on a CDi Player and on a DVD player as well.

please help me!!!!

-- Salix Ulfaran (, February 10, 2000



If you only wanted to know how to create photo album vcd with menu. I can't help you as I haven't done that before. But I have used Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe to make video cds with menu to be played on cdi player as well. If I remember correctly, Easy CD Creator can also make photo album vcd.

-- Daniel Lee (, February 10, 2000.

Assuming your CD-I player can read CD-R's (and judging by your post it does), you should have a problem playing them.

To answer your question, use Cequadrant VideoPak 4.0, it has the best features by far, and being a professional VCD maker, I reccomend it a hell of alot more than Ez CD Coaster.

-- MrVCD (, February 10, 2000.

If you read the help section closely in VCD Creator in Easy CD you will see that Video CD ver 2.0 is so because it is menu driven, with menus as still files stowed in the segment directory (if they vary from the specs required for audio/video tracks, in which case they get stored in the mpegav directory). All the files and applets for letting a CD-I player recognize the VCD are in the Cdi directory. Apart from that directory and the mpegav directory, CD-I players do not recognize any other, that's why menus do not get shown, and the VCD plays straight through if at all.

-- EMartinez (, February 12, 2000.

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