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I have a 200mmx, 16mb banshee, 72mb, 1.2g, 2.1g, and a 270mb hdds. AND AN 8x CD-ROM BY NEC. THIS IS STUCK IN A PACKARD BELL (IT NOT MY FAULT) Now when i stick a vid cd in it, i get the "device not ready" crap from win95/98. Is there any way of updating the firmware as i think this is the problem. If you know otherwise please tell me as i just shelled out a few quid on vids, cheers people!!!!

-- disco (, February 10, 2000


Probabaly not problem of firmware, I am not sure though.

I did not have this problem before, but now I have, after installed several softwares, I surprisingly found that all my CD-ROM and CD writers can not open any VCD disc.

I am trying to fix it. I remember last year I had this problem too and had too format my HD and reinstall the OS, this time I hope I do not need do this.

-- Zhihao Tang (, January 10, 2001.

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