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Statistical error

A rather cross man from the Office of National Statistics got in touch with Mole last week and told him that the story about 100-year-old babies and birth certificates dated 1900 had been made up. Mole, who prides himself on his unique brand of shoddy journalism, was distressed to hear that it wasn't even him that had made it up but the Times, inspired by a fictional news release from Reuters. Both organisations can expect strongly worded letters of protest from Mole's legal representatives on grounds of unfair competition. By printing flagrantly unfactual news stories, the Times and Reuters are threatening to undermine the fundamental principles upon which Mole has built his own obscenely profitable publishing empire.

Anyway, Mole is happy to make it clear that he got the pettifogging detail of the story wrong and apologises unreservedly for any distress caused to ONS press officers and parents of centenarian children.

-- Jim McAteer (, February 10, 2000


Appreciate the posts Jim. Thank you.

-- Dee (, February 10, 2000.

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