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Hi, can anyone have a suggestion to me? One day, a team manager (A) knocked the door of his boss. He has a proposal on re-organization of the whole sales team. But he asked the boss to get ride of another team manager (B) who did not always follow the rules, such as always late to work. He even implied that if the boss did not listen to him, he would leave the company. The boss's problems are: 1. Team manager B is the top sales of the company. He can bring in sales. The boss is confident that the business will not be gone if B is not in the company. The boss just cannot find a good reason to fire B. Without any good excuse, the boss concerns that other team members will question on their own job security. 2. Team manager A, on the other hand, is not welcome within the company. But he always represents the company. If he leaves the company, the company image will no doubt be affected. 3. B is not aware of A's action. Should we tell B? 4. Of course, the best way is to ask A and B to resolve the problem. But they won't. It seems that the boss has to choose between A & B. Which one should the boss choose?

-- Dorina Liu (, February 10, 2000


fire a who is the biggest problem creater

-- himanshu (, August 01, 2003.

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