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I bought a used gralab 300 timer through ebay. I assumed that the timer would turn the enlarger off when the time was up. The one I have does not do that... should it ? further more the second hand gets caught on the minute hand and that stops the second hand moving. Is it designed to do that ?, This also means that the minute hand doesn't move around and count off the minutes. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated thanks

-- Nick ure (, February 10, 2000


Sounds like it has been pretty well trashed. The hands should move independently of each other, and the minute hand (with the hooked end) should track the second hand, moving one division for each sweep of the second hand. The minute hand should be "click-stopped." The enlarger socket should turn off at the end of the time period and the safelight socket should turn on. The focus switch should turn the enlarger on and off. If the hands are binding on each other, they probably arent allowing them to activate the micro-switch inside that does this switching.

Sounds like a thorough tear-down is in order. It is a pretty simple device, and I have been able to bring some pretty beat up ones back to life without a lot of fuss. I don't know if Graylab offers a rebuild service or not.

-- Tony Brent (, February 10, 2000.

Back when I was printing and developing pictures I used a Gralab timer for timing film development and a Timeolite for the enlarger. The Gralab would time in the minute range up to 60 minutes. The Timeolite would time accurately to the second,up to one minute, turning the enlarger on and off.

-- Jim Stanfield (, February 14, 2000.

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