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Drop Back 1900 Years

Depending on your connection, may take a few minutes to load, but look at the current time clock at the bottom of the screen... :-)

-- Carl (, February 09, 2000


Well, glad my clock is right as far as the hour and minute anyway.

-- Kyle (, February 09, 2000.

Where did you get this image there is some thing on it I don't understand. There is a line down southwest what is that?

-- ET (, February 10, 2000.

The image is from the LASCO satelittes, one of those used to help determine if a coronal mass ejection occured and if it is geoeffective, ie, gonna hit us... here's the link to the main site, select real time images, black and white are updated more often, it appears... many comets are discovered from LASCO images, as they get brighter as they approach the sun and "melt" for lack of a better word, although sometimes, distortions from erors in transmission, etc., give false images...

Have Fun

This is where they go by the way after a major flare to watch and see if it was accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, and whether it's coming at us or is going to miss, part of our early warning system...

-- Carl (, February 10, 2000.

Great site, Carl, Thanks....And keep up all the great posts!!! It's much needed and appreciated by all of us here!!!

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 10, 2000.

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