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Spent another day watching those planes in the sky. I now have a better "feel" for what they are doing up there.

I posted earlier about what I saw up in the sky. It made me mad that there were 3 jets up there dumping something that was falling from the sky. I dont know what it was, only I was ticked that I didnt know, and suspected the gov, as usual.

The first time I saw the jets up there, from my viewpoint, they looked about 1 inch big, they were silver, very shiny. The trails they left carried in the wind, but at the same time they fell slowly as if they were a cloud, breaking rain. (but very small scale) Another thing I noticed is that when they laid the trails,( short, maybe a couple of miles in length ), they would go very fast, and you heard the jet engines. However the return trip sounded very much like a prop plane...... very wierd. They did this over and over from 12 noon till 7 pm. I noticed no breathing problems, although the whole family did have runny noises, there are colds going around, I attribute this to colds.

Tuesday Feb 8,2000. This time I spent some more time, watching the Jets do there dance. They appeared to be very small this time, no more than an eigth of an inch in size as viewed from the ground. The trails they laid were much higher, and did not sink to the ground, they only expanded, quite fast. This was done over at least a 30 sq mile area of the sky for quite some time. Again, you could see the beggining of the trail, and the end, and if you kept watching, you would see him lay down another fresh trail. Its interesting, he can turn it on and off, at will.

We went inside wallmart and returned only a few minuites later, the trails he layed down were now very, very expanded. They looked like clouds now. He layed down so many of them that it actually looked like real clouds, but because I had been watching him, I knew they werent. They looked like they were the beginning formations of cumulous clouds. Very interesting, over the course of several hours, he had taken a clear day, and put clouds in the sky. Notice that this was done over an entire afternoon, and the plane this time went all over the place, criss crossing here, and there, and after a little bit of time, you couldnt tell that they were trails any longer, they blended together to form clouds, some here, some there..... all appeared normal.

I dont konw what they are doing, but for now, im ruling out chem spray and favor some sort of weather control ?

got me, but I know I dont like it.

45 West of Gainsevill, FL.

-- Electman (, February 09, 2000


Electman, had our first day of real old fashioned clouds in out part of Fl. today, sure was a nice sight. Just fat, fluffy,random clouds, I observed none of the high flying, dudes with their smoke plumes in their wake. I have seen it also, put two bright, clear mornings, side by side: One with planes and smoke plumes = cloud blanket, within hours. If you are alert, you can discern the juvenile plumes still migrating to the blanket. Then, another day I look at the high flying dudes, with no smoke plumes = clear day, all day.

-- Determined to (, February 09, 2000.

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FEMA housing Chemtrail Planes?? Posted By: change agent Date: Tuesday, 8 February 2000, at 10:10 p.m.

This report comes of of the This is the text of the call w to Stevens and Pruett show with Chuck Shramek, on KLOL 101 fm in Houston, Texas,..Monday Feb 8, 2000. It is short.. Caller: I am on a cell phone. I don't know if I have much to add.. I don't know what these planes are doing. I am not going to use my real name because I still have a job out there. Host " you work at Ellington?" Caller: "uh, yes, that about all I'll tell you. But there is a hanger out there that's leased, uh, by the FEMA group" Host: The Federal Emergency Management Agency?" Caller: " Yes, they lease 2 hangers out there. They've got KC10's in them and they were, uh, looks like they were refit. I was in the hanger the other day, and they've got nozzles, like you'd see on a car wash along the bottoms of the planes, but everybody tells me they are just UN weather tracking planes." "That's what they told me they were, but I can't imagine what they're doing with tankers. But they're out there if you can get somebody on the other side of the fence ya'll can go in there and see them. That about all I...'end of taped segment.. Well, finally, a hint on who is doing the spraying, and why we are not hearing from any pilots.. probably they are not americans.. Anyone have any more info? CA

-- Interesting Post (chemtrails@rmnews.?), February 09, 2000.

Great post.

If those planes get any bigger than two inches, run for the bunkers. Any smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch, and you're OK.

Keep up the good work.

-- I'mSo (, February 09, 2000.

I heard a guy call in on the local talk radio program in Tallahassee, Florida about the chemtrails on Monday this week. On the way home from work Tuesday, I saw them and noticed that the lower ones spread out like clouds. Today the host on the talk radio program announced that the person who called in earlier this week about the chemtrails had died. This is wierd. Talk show on 1450 am. Host Wayne G. Check it out.

-- Tom (, February 09, 2000.


Why don't you at least entertain the thought that chemtrails may exist? Do you really think that the government is incapable of doing something like this?

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), February 09, 2000.

Hey-get some good binoculars from somebody will you? This is really interesting. keep us posted.

-- birding (for@chem.trails), February 09, 2000.


Thanks so much for your input. If you can spare some of your valuable brain power perhaps you could comment on this piece for us poor delusional chemtrail believers. Is this possible? If the government could do this in 1958 what could they do today?

Please, Please Help Us Imso!

Typical BW Aerial Spray Test

In August and September of 1958, Dugway ran six night trials on the Aerial Spray Grid. The tests used a low flying F-100A with a modified a 275-gallon fuel tank to act as the spray dispenser. A critical point of the test was the performance of a nozzle that would spray out liquid particles 5 microns or less in size, so that minute drops of the liquid agent would float in the air over a wide area. The pilot flew the craft over a triangularly shaped course, approximately 15 miles long and 12 miles wide. In the area were 72 sampling devices and the 300 foot high tower with sampling devices very five feet at the end of the grid. Trials run to analyze the aerosol cloud behavior during the tests proved the capability of the aerial spray device. Results also indicated that an area 10 miles or better could be covered downwind. Five runs were made with simulants. One hot pass was made ( with guinea pigs placed at the sampling stations ) spraying the agent that causes Q fever. Indications were that if human beings had been in the area, 99 percent of them would have been infected. Other important results from the tests were these: that a spray device would disseminate BW aerosol more effectively than bombs, shells, or special BW munitions; and that the tank held a much larger quantity of liquid agent, in regard to the weight of the spray system, than other BW dissemination devices.

The tests proved that airborne BW attacks could be carried out at low levels, and that a properly designed spray system could contaminate 50,000 square miles with BW aerosol in a single sortie. The significance of this lies in the remarkable efficiency of this means of attack. For example, on a night when the wind was blowing ten miles per hour, three large aircraft, each carrying 4,000 gallons of liquid BW agent, and flying at a speed of 500 knots, could spray an area of 150,000 square miles, causing more than half the people in the area to become ill.

Link to source

-- Chemtrails are possible (
chem@trails.#), February 09, 2000.

You may want to check if a carrier is off the coast of Mayport. JAX has become increasingly active for Navy staging flights lately, ever since the cutbacks at Cecil Field. At any rate, this time of year is usual for carrier quals. Those navy training flights tend to be a bit loose when it comes to following normal flight lanes, if you know what I mean. They would include everything from P-3 turboprops to "sanitize" the operating area, to F-18 and F-14 fighters rejoining their squadrons. Unusual contrails do not necessarily mean chemtrails. Just a thought.


-- Spindoc' (, February 10, 2000.

"Chentrails over northern Florida"
When I first saw the title, I immediatly thought of Chinese MiGs. Can they make it all the way from Panama?(grin)

-- Possible Impact (, February 10, 2000.


I dont know what more I can say, or how many times I must say it, BUT

I watched the SAME planes fly in the SAME airspace from 12 noon untill 7 in the evening. They would fly WITHOUT

-- Electman (, February 10, 2000.

spindoc and others,

I dont know what more I can say, or how many times I must say it, BUT

I watched the SAME planes fly in the SAME airspace from 12 noon untill 7 in the evening. They would fly WITHOUT any trace of trails, and then they would let one out, sometimes they would break up a line, and do it intermittently. Thes trails would combine to form what appeared to be clouds, IF YOU DIDNT WATCH.

There were 3 of them, and everytime I saw them spray, it was the same aircraft, over and over and over........ how many times must I say this, this whole part of airspace, over my house, was filled with their trails. Again, sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldnt. And the kicker, higher up in altitude, a NORMAL jet would pass by with a NORMAL vapor trail, that would disapear shorlty behind the plane.

There is something to this, it is NOT normal, and it isnt just a one time lasted for hours and hours... I got sick of hearing the air traffic!

-- Electman (, February 10, 2000.

I've seen them spraying on cloudy days. You can see the lines where there is a break in the clouds . It doesn't seem like weather control. Why add clouds to an already cloudy day? Check out for additional info on theories. My thoughts are it's not anything for the good of the people. If it was every gov idiot would be grabbing the credit.

-- Shoo (, February 10, 2000.


I am not interested in talking you or anyone else out of the notion that chemtrails are sinister. I personally find the notion comical, and the kaleidoscope of theories and "reports" good readin'.


-- ImSo (, February 10, 2000.

Electman, There is nothing wrong with your eyes or thinking. I've seen everything you described only in a different city (Buffalo NY ). I would like to add one thing. I've seen these chemtrails even on cloudy days. You can see the them through a break in the clouds. If this is weather control why would they need to create cloulds on an already cloudy day? Just thinking.

-- Shoo (, February 10, 2000.


The only reason I dont put "spraying the populace" on number one is because they (chemtrails) didnt fall to the ground this time.

I dont know why they are up there, or what they are doing, Im only trying to grab at straws when I can't explain it.

What other explanations are there?

1.)spraying the selected populace with "something", they shouldn't 2.)weather control

Feel free to add to this, but its all I can come up with.

-- Electman (, February 10, 2000.

Howdy Electman,

I work in Gainesville myself and live about 15 miles West of it, nearly to the Levy county line. We're looking at pretty much the same sky.

Every since this chemtrail thing started showing up in the forums and newsgroups I've started paying even more attention to the sky than I normally do. To be honest, I've not seen anything I thought unusual. Contrails sometimes stretch from horizon to horizon or disappear rapidly but I've watched them do that for the thirteen years I've been here and for my entire life that I've been in Florida.

It's all a matter of what the temperature, humidity and wind speed/direction is at the altitude the particular aircraft is at. You do see military air craft do strange things around here but they've done that all of my life, there's a lot of training that goes on in this state. I've watched Navy P3 Orions circle the university campus many times, apparently using Century Tower as a nav aid. C130's have flown low enough over the house at night on occasion to cause me to go outside to see if they've crashed. Some of the things I've seen them do have caused me to wonder a bit but nothing I've seen in the way of contrails has done that. Some of the stuff I've watched them do with helicopters in their so-called "drug war" has been suspicious enough.

This is not to say that there isn't anything to this chemtrails stuff, I'm not there to see what everyone is seeing but nothing I've seen in Florida as of yet leads me to suspect anything untoward. Not yet, at least. The federal government has developed such a miserable credibility record that I'd no longer put anything past them if objective evidence is presented.


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-- A.T. Hagan (, February 11, 2000.

Mr. Alan, I have been here for 30 years, and I have never seen anything like this ( I look up, a lot). The on going forest fires make my head snap too, because we never had those before.

-- Sometime (, February 12, 2000.

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