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Last night, I happened across the following:

I haven't contacted them yet, but this might be a source for the unavailable PX-625s.


-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000


New Source of Mercury Batteries

I believe I came across this same Web site about a year ago and if its the same seller he's located near Boston. His prices were $5 each for 625 1.35v batteries with very reasonable shipping costs.Definitely worth the price and service. Dave

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000

Mercury Batteries

Fellas, I got in contact with Art last month to see about availability of the 675 batteries for the T3 and A3 I own. He appears to be having trouble getting his supplier to ship. Not surprising, as I believe that it is now illegal to import mercury cells here. Maybe, just maybe, he'll get his supply in by late February, but I'm not holding my breath. His web site still advertises 625 cells for sale, so, if you need that size, get 'em while you can.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000

Mercury Batteries

I wasn't aware he carried the 675s. I have purchased 625s from him and I can vouch for their quality. And, at $5 each, they're a better deal than the Wein cells by far. I hope he can keep getting them; certainly I have enough cameras that use 'em.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2000

Mercury Batteries

Nick, Actually, he informed me that he hasn't actually gotten them, yet, but expects them by the end of Feb. It is a new line for him. Also, if anyone knows any other cameras that use PX625's or 675's, he would appreciate letting him know. His e-mail address is linked to the homepage. I am currently on Art's to-know list and when he informs me he has the 675's in stock, I'll let everyone know. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2000

RE: New Source of Mercury Batteries

Any other new sources of PX625s, there are a website selling PX625 for only $2 each, and no S&H cost, I have no experience about this website but the price is pretty cheap.

They are also selling PX675, but I am not sure whether they are suitable for the Konicas since they are 1.4v instead of 1.35v.

The website is


-- Anonymous, July 03, 2000

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