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I recently purchased a MP-10 and am having a few glitches, I purchased it so I could capture my Laserdisc collection onto VCD to view on my DVD player that also takes VCD. However after succesfully capturing video footage with no dropped frames and using the VCD template in version 1.02 of the software I find playback after burning is giving some slight problems, every ten seconds or so the sound glitches and crackles and sometimes the picture jumps or frezzes for half a second, there are no dropped frames during capture so why is this happening? I have made VCD's with software encoders in the past and although time consuming have all played fine. I am more than happy with the picture quality with the MP10 but this annoying sound problem is bugging the hell out of me, I have tried turning the sound capture down but it makes it worse do you have any suggestions? I'm using a PIII 500mhz machine and the system resource is in the green while capturing, so I should be putting out some good quality mpegs. Thanks in advance for your help. Ryan.

-- Ryan (, February 09, 2000


if you go to the pinnacle site they have 2 upgrades you can dl for the mp10. One fixes the sound problem 9although your sound problem is slightly different, im shooting it should fix it), the other upgrades it a bit and fixes some bugs. but i dont what version of the mp10 you havew, but give it a try their address

-- Doug (, February 09, 2000.

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