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There's something wrong with the percentage on perfect scores in the T3 LB..... until #15 it's ok (Jump_etr has 76 pts, 30.4%), but since next pos. values are incorrect: e.g. #16, Julie has 71 pts., should have 28.4% but has 47.33....and so on.

pls fix it.... gb or whoever...

Ciao Cicca

-- Cicca (, February 09, 2000


Believe it or not, this is NOT an error - it's a flop by myself for not describing it completely. The percentage is calculated through the number of games. So if it's 6 games, then perfect is number of people * the number of games played so far. Sort of a indication of things to come if you know what I mean.

-- Gameboy9 (, February 09, 2000.

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