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Can anyone recommend any good books on the Canon FD camera and lens system. I'm really attracted to this system because it seems like a really comprehensive system that is dirt cheap to get into. Nikon is a good used system to get into, but FD lenses are so much cheaper and the quality seems to be high from what I've read.

If you could also tell me where to buy the books at I'd appreciate that. Thanks Rolland Elliott

-- Rolland Rainbow Elliott (, February 08, 2000


One of the best books is the HP Books "How to Select and Use Canon Cameras". The one problem is that it came out in several editions, and each newer edition added the new cameras and accessories, but in many cases dropped some of the older ones. I have 1978, 1982, and 1986 editions to cover from the F series (FTb, etc) to T90. They are only available used.

The other good one is the "Canon Compendium". It covers the entire history of Canon cameras, but with less detail of any one line or model. This book is available new.

You can get both from Finger Lakes Photobooks at

Very nice people to deal with.

-- Terry Carraway (, February 09, 2000.

I just put an old SHIPMAN on eBay - it covers the FTb

Hey Terry, you happy with the stuff you bought from me?


-- rich (, February 09, 2000.


Of course, otherwise you would hear from me. :)


-- Terry Carraway (, February 28, 2000.

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