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any comments on the linhof bi kardan system positive or negative experiences or any information on sources for parts/accessories would be appreciated

-- adam friedberg (, February 08, 2000


I've used the kardan bi for over twenty years now and still think it's the best camera ever developed. No complaints at all and I certainly prefer it to the Sinars. Used parts can be found but are hard to find. Check Shutterbug. I noticed in the latest issue a 5x7 conversion standard and bellows for instance. The Rolls Royce of the view camera world. E-mail me if you want more info.

-- Kevin Oke (, February 11, 2000.

All current Linhof accessories that fit onto the front and rear standards for the current GT, GTL and M cameras fit the B series. These include: Bellows, lens boards, ground glasses, fresnels, compendiums, extension rise posts.

No longer available new are any parts or accessories that mount to the rail. These include extension rails, auxilliary standards, rail clamp.

Also no longer available is the back spacer. this was needed to allow Polaroid backs to be used horizontally without hitting the U shaped posts. It was also needed when using film holders horizontally and doing center tilts on the back. Later models like the GT have a re-designed back that moves the uprights forward to eliminate this problem.

-- Bob Salomon (, February 11, 2000.

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