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I was curious if anyone here has actually purchased and RECEIVED the SM110 solar panels that have been showing up on Yahoo auction.

I bid with trepidation because having followed the SM110's for a few weeks I had seen comments from one winner who complained that he wanted to deliver payment and pick up the panels in person - but the seller wouldn't let him. Another warned that the same seller kept changing seller ID's to mask negative ratings. And a third said he sent in his money but didn't get the panels.

I know, you're thinking my brain Y2K isn't compliant (it probably isn't but that's another story) - how many red flags does it take... Yes, I bid. And the other day what appears in my email but an I'm a winner announcement. WOW, 25 SM110's, cool, thats 25x110 for 2750 sunshine watts! Lucky Day the sun must be shining on me.

So I rushed over to iescrow and filled in the transaction details. The seller replies me that he doesn't do 3rd party transactions. Bummer, is that a cloud on the horizon?

I wrote back saying that I always thought iescrow was like travelers checks, the same as cash. (I even offered to pay a buyers premium to make up for the 'inconvenience' of having to go through the escrow service.)

Haven't heard anything yet (but its only been 24 hrs.)

Wish me luck. jh

-- john hebert (, February 08, 2000


Maybe I REALLY missing something here. Does this same person now have 2 more auctions on Yahoo? Both are 25 - 110W Seimans solar panels. Starting bid is $1.00. For a 110W solar panel?!? Something is NOT right here or I am very mistaken.

-- Ken Seger (, February 08, 2000.

What, only two now. Wait, I just checked and found a third. The number of these auctions has varied from 0 to 3 or 4. Each auction claiming there are only 25 available and claiming there are 'NO MORE'.

When I got my notification indicating I won it was a direct email, interestingly enough, nothing showed up as a WON in my Yahoo... If it had I'd have a chance to rate the seller...interesting the way that happened.

Hmm, he still has 25 panels for sale (and 'NO MORE')

So Ken, how many panel are you going to go for?

By the way the seller lists an address of Hollywood Florida but the panels supposedly will be sent from Jamacia NY.

Quite honestly, I'd like to file a complaint on what I've seen going on for that auction but I'm not sure where to start. I'm not sure who has jurisdiction. Any thoughts.


-- John Hebert (, February 09, 2000.

Sounds like a scam to me. I do most of my auction buying thru Ebay- Not that I like them a lot tho. You should check around Yahoo and see where there complaint dept is...that's a start. Then you can turn it over to the postal authorities because it becomes one of the interstate thingys. Also, if you sent an M.O. you can contact the m.o. company-but that may or may not work out to satisfaction: i.e.- I had a prob with a seller on Ebay and the m.o. people were 'looking into it'...never heard back. Good luck.

-- Satanta (, February 09, 2000.


Thanks for the suggestions - I reveiwed Yahoo's terms of use. Looks like they try to wash their hands of everything... you know - let the buyer beware. But I certainly can try their customer care dept. and see what they say. Postal angle is interesting - thanks.

If I inform Yahoo one question that comes to mind is: once informed of problems and if fraud is involved, can they then be deemed accessories to fraud by failing to take action to stop it?

By the way, I'm not out the money. The reason I chose to use iescrow is because I had concerns about the auction. The seller looses nothing by going that route (I pay the escrow fee) for the sale. I have to deposit the money with the escrow service so his cash is guaranteed providing he delivers the goods as advertised.

However, I heard from the seller today:

"We do not transact/conduct business through third/intermediate parties. As such I guess our only resolve is to direct you to our ratings." ...

Guess he's not interested in doing business with me. Too bad. I was looking forward to those panels.


-- john hebert (, February 09, 2000.

Update - Yahoo cancelled these auctions!

Satanta, I went back double checked Yahoo. That's when I found that the terms of servive at the bottom of the auction area pages are not the same as the terms of service in the left column. The terms at the bottom are generic for Yahoo as a whole, the terms on the left related to the auction itself. Those were much more specific definitely would justify a complaint.

I notified Yahoo stating why and how I thought those auctions were being manipulated (and disclosed that I currently was having a dispute with the seller over not accepting iescrow) - they cancelled the auctions.

Thanks again for the suggestion, they were why I went back and double checked and found the other terms of service page.


-- john hebert (, February 11, 2000.

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