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What is one thing you (reader) would like me (Molly) to know about you? Share your answers with the group.

Here's my answer: I'd like you to know that I used to be a little bit of a local celebrity. When I was 16, my rock/ska band won a contest sponsored by a music store, and we went on a ten-city summer tour of the Southwest. It was really fun. That fall and spring we played a ton of shows in almost every decent-sized town in Texas, and then I moved to Boston. They actually got signed with a different singer after I left, then they broke up before they recorded anything.

-- Molly Zero (, February 08, 2000


About Me? Hmmm....

What to say you don't already know?

Well, I once drove the getaway car for an armed robbery - but didn't know I was involved in a robbery, if you can believe that. When they got in the car and said "go" and I went and it soon became apparent what had happened I just stopped the car and got out. The moron in the backseat, the friend of *my* friend who had helped her with the robbery, has a gun and says she's going to shoot me.

I pretended I didn't hear her.

I didn't breathe again for, like, a whole freaking week, I tell you.

My friend thought I was brave. I was too scared to hear her, I tell you - too scared.



-- Catherine (, February 08, 2000.

Motocross reader

The thing I want you to know about me...

I want you (and the other readers) to know that one of the things i like to do is race motocross. I am a very small moto-fish in a very small moto-pond, but I race about 12 times a summer at a track in a mid-sized midwestern city. I also have a practice track near my home that i ride on every chance I get. I love the feel of the people watching and the feel of the power I get from the bike. It goes against almost every other aspect of my personality to engage in this, but I think that's why I want to share it. There is a connection between cerebral pursuits and extroversion. Thanatos vs Libido?

-- mxstone (, February 09, 2000.

And one thing I want you to know about me is that quite often I get behind in my journal-reading; otherwise, I would have posted this when the question went up :)

-- Robyn (, February 10, 2000.

JUST one thing???

One thing I'd like you to know about me is that I'm proud of myself for getting this message board moving, but I am ashamed that I didn't even check for results until today. I was supposed to start the ball rolling and I failed you all. I am going back into my dungeon now.

-- Alex (, February 10, 2000.

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