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What is one thing you don't want me to know about you?

-- Molly Zero (, February 08, 2000


Bat Stuff

Well, hmmm - if I told you then you'd know - right?

I don't want you to know how lazy I feel that I have become.

Okay, that's as naked as I can get for tonight. :))

Be well Molly.


-- Catherine (, February 08, 2000.

Feigning intelligence

The one thing I don't want you to know about me...

I'm a great big fake when it comes to my intellect. I just sorta fake knowledge about a lot of things and manage to bluff my way into some semblance of being smart. I find that most people don't really listen to the details and this allows me to look like I know what I'm doing. This is especially true at work. If you're confident in your ignorence, no one will challenge it. This is also my litmus test for people. If you call my bluff, I'll have an admiration for you.

-- mxstone (, February 09, 2000.

what does that make me?

If I think you're intelligent....does that mean you have no admiration for me?

-- erica (, February 15, 2000.

You still know my BS...

I have an admiration for you because you know when to call "Bullshit" with me. How many times have you said "Hey buddy, You're not being realistic" or some variation? It's very easy to find people who will agree with what you have to say--That's the path of least resistance. To actually disagree means that you have

A. Listened to what I had to say B. Processed it on some level C. Formed an alternative opinion D. Cared enough about me to tell me why I'm full of shit

-- mxstone (, February 15, 2000.

hidden stuff

i don't want anyone to know that i haven't asked a girl out in a looooong time because i'm afraid that even if she was willing to have sex, i might be unable to perform (or perform up to standards)...and then i'd never be able to have sex again... and that while i used to go to Europe and travel around the US, I'm now afariad to either fly or drive ( having to fix a car-- I have no mechanical skills AT ALL)

-- Lohr (, February 09, 2000.

Hidden Stuff

Hi Lohr, I don't know about your dating experience, but I'd like to offer a different vision of sexuality. I think when physical intimacy is based on emotional intimacy, issues of performance become moot.

I define emotional intimacy as taking the time to discover whether you have compatible values, interests, and lifestyles. If the answers are yes and you then come to care about each other and can envision a future together, sexuality is no longer threatening.

The question you ask yourself is, "Can I trust myself to this woman? Should she trust herself to me? When if the answers are "yes," lovemaking becomes a matter of being able to tell each other what feels good.

Until then, I think you're right to be celibate. But that's no reason not to date with the goal of just hanging out, having fun, sharing a movie -- you know, low pressure stuff with low-pressure expectations. Meanwhile, it raises your significance quotient if you're not willing to jump the bones of anyone who'll go for it.

Best wishes, Jeany

-- Jeany (, June 04, 2000.

One thing I don't want you to know about me

One thing I don't want you to know about me is that sometimes late at night, when there's a full moon, I - oh, wait! I didn't want you to know that :)

-- Robyn (, February 10, 2000.

One thing??

I don't want you to know that everyday I realize more my tendencies to become a hermit. And this computer-thing-a-ma-jiggy doesn't help this tendency. I really hate people. I used to think that 65% of the population was stupid, it has since grown to about 90%. Therefore, out of the 20 new people I've met this last year, only 1-2 is worthy of my friendship. I find I tolerate people better on the computer than I do in person. (Wow, that really does sound bad) Hey, you wanted to know!

-- Alex (, February 10, 2000.

Sure, why not.

Occassionally, without warning, I'll trim, not shave, my armpits.

-- Byrne (, February 11, 2000.

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