What Changes Would You Like to See Come Out of General Conference This Year?

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This week Convo IV is being held at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Philadelphia.

Some of you using A.M.E. Today are at the Convo. Part of the Convo's purpose is planning for the upcoming General Conference.

If this was a perfect world, and we all know that is it is not, what changes would you like to see in the A.M.E. Church following this year's General conference.

What things do you think could be passed to make it even stronger in the 21st century?

What things do you believe need to be done for it to survive?

I am sure these are questions we all have pondered privately. Now let's put them on the floor.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2000


I would suspend the election of bishops and combine episcopal districts until the bench of bishops was reduced to 12; reduce the number of general officers to one-third of the current total; make all technical position such as editor of the Recorder positions that are hired for the expertise required to do the job; make 1 2, and 5 year pastoral assignments available to the bishops; limit the presiding elder's office to 2 2-year terms; allow pastors to establish personal retirement funds (IRAS), funded by the local church; eliminate deficit spending completely; use electronic communications to reduce the number of meetings at the General Conference, Episcopal District, Annual Conference, Presiding Elder's District level so that more time and energy could be expended at the local church level evangelizing producing both spiritual and numerical growth in our churches. The money saved in these cost cutting measures would then be directed into establishing new congregations within the AME Church.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000

AMEN to everything ALton Paris has suggested!!! Nothing like reading well-reasoned, compassionate information. Thank You!

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

Well, what a summary that is. Do General Officers, Connectional Officers and Bishops read these forums?

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2000

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