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Did you find any links with information about toxic substances in the Great Lakes or the Great Lakes region? If so, please scroll down and click on "Contribute an answer". Please follow the guidelines given in Assignment 2 when reporting on your link.

-- Sharon Gabel (, February 08, 2000


Name:Fooling With Nature. URL: By Frontline. Rating *

Review: I thought this site was not that informative and quite boring. It showed some pictures of three-legged frogs and other animals effected by toxins. This site mainly discussed the Florida area and not the Great Lakes like it was supposed to.

-- Jessica Cowles (, February 11, 2000.

Title: Great Lakes Analytical ULR: Author:Great Lakes Analytical Rating: **

This site just advertises an experienced technologic Labratory association which analyses air, soil, water and solid wastes.

-- Mandi Walseman (, February 14, 2000.

Name: Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group URL:http:// By: The Associated Press. Rating:**.

I thought this site was informative. Some studies were conducted on the effects of chemicals on frogs. The results showed that frogs that lived near farmland, using pesticides, had mutations or were dead. The frogs that lived near farmland without chemicals, showed less than 2% mutation, and had a higher rate in population. However, the testing wasn't conducted in the Great Lakes.

-- karen lanning (, February 15, 2000.

NAME: Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy URL: maintained by: Pranas Pranckevicius USEPA-GLNPO

Review: This site establishes reduction challenges for an initial list of persistent toxic substances targeted for virtual elimination. It also provides framework for actions to achieve quantifiable reduction "challenges" in the timeframe 1997 to 2006 for specific toxic substances. The goal: VIRTUAL ELIMINATION (of persistent toxic substances resulting from human activity, particularly those which bioaccumulate, from the Great Lakes basin, so as to protect and ensure the health and integrety of the Great Lakes ecosystem. RATING ****

-- Lauren M. Saur (, February 15, 2000.

Title: Pollution Prevention, Reducing Pollution In The Great Lakes. URL Pranas Pranckevicius. Agency not clear. Rating ****

MY DESCRIPTION: This was my favorite site yet because it focused on pollution, but not just the bad aspects. It included links to factsheets on pollution and ways to reduce toxins. Another interesting aspect was the ways in which Canada and the United States are working together on the pollution problems.

-- Laura reschke (, February 15, 2000.

Title: Our lakes in peril URL: specialreports/1999/lakes/index.htm This site was a little different than most. It was made of compiling newspaper articles that concerned the Great Lakes. It had many different topics, but seemed to be mostly concerned with toxic pollutants. It was somewhat outdated, with the date on the top of the page being 8/25/99, but it had some interesting articles anyway. It was also a little hard to follow and not very artistically or creatively made. **

-- Kelly Moynan (, February 16, 2000.

Title: Occurrence and Transportation of PCB's and other Contaminants in Tribuaries of Lake Michigan Web master has link to email but no name listed. The site is run by USGS science for changing world

Review:**This is just a one page site with no links describing the problem, objectives and approach being taken towards this problem of PCB's.

-- Kelly Tremblay (, February 16, 2000.

Title:Great Lakes Initiative Bioaccumulative Chemicals of Concern (BCCs) Url:

This site is very to the point in it's presentation. It provides a good list of toxic contaminants, where they come from and what effects they have. This site would be easily understood by someone who has no prior knowledge of these subjects. Also present are some links such as the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative (GLI) and to other National Wildlife Federation Issues(responsible agency and author). It could have been more graphically presented but it still deserves ***.

-- Michael Paul Humphrey (, February 16, 2000.

Toxic Contaniments in the Great Lakes Basin This site is supported by grants from the Ameritech Foundation and the U.S Department of Commerce, just to name a few. I found the programs and projects links interesting. Overall I would rate the site ***.

-- Amy Bunn (, February 16, 2000.

ATSDR G.L. Human Health Effects Research Program Charlie Xintaras, government looks at the effects of toxins in the great lakes of people residing near and around the 5 regions ***

-- Christine Short (, February 17, 2000.

25 Years of Great Lakes Protection Rating: ** Graphic slides illustrate the negative affects of toxic materials on the Great Lakes ecosystem.

-- Kristina M. Mastrangelo (, February 17, 2000.

Toxic Contaminants in the Great Lakes Basin Rating:****

Review: Very easy to understand. And contained the following information:Air Toxics | Areas of Concern | Brownfields Contaminated Sediments | Human Health Effects of Pollution Oil and Hazardous Materials | Pollution | Pollution Prevention Superfund Sites | Water Quality | Wet Weather Pollution

-- Kristin Kohl (, February 17, 2000.

Title: Warning Changes for Great Lakes Fish. URL: By: Eric Sharp

Review: This site gives many stories of areas where the Great Lakes have been contaminated by toxins. It lists a lot of news and health stories. Rating=**

-- Elizabeth King (, February 17, 2000.

Title: GLwater-quality-toxic chemicals URL: xic.html By: Earth Systems Education Program

Review: This is a great site that gives plenty of information about the pollution in the great lakes and it also gives many links to other useful sites about the same topic. It gives info about life, water, land, climate and human activities. Rating=****

-- Elizabeth King (, February 17, 2000.

Title: Air Quality in the Great Lakes

Nice table of contents in the beginning, full of information and set up well. Includes information about Agencies, enforcements and automobiles. Covers a great amount of information dealing with the air quality surrounding the great lakes. ****/****

-- Jason Gibson (, February 17, 2000.

Title: Protecting all Communities from Toxic Pollution

This goes over a national commitment to protecting communities from toxic wastes. At the end, he speaks about the great lakes. Not much about them, but a quick couple of words. And do to the fact that it is on the official whitehouse page, you know it is nothing but the most basic html coding, therefore not even making it appealing to the eye... */****

-- Jason Gibson (, February 17, 2000.

Our Great Lakes Webmaster: This site was set up by Environment Canada. It told of all the plans and what they have been doing inorder to clean up the Great Lakes. ***

-- Tara Lilley (, February 17, 2000.

ATSDR Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program html

Dr. Heraline Hicks

This site was set up by the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services. It tells about the programs that are tring to indentify the chemicals that might harm the populations along the Great Lakes. **

-- Tara Lilley (, February 17, 2000.

Title: GLwater-quality-toxic chemicals URL: By: Earth Systems Education Program

Title: This was my favorite site that I found on the web. I chose this one because I feel that it covers all the material you might want to know. The other links that this site gives are also very informational. Rating=****

-- Elizabeth King (, February 17, 2000.

Great Lakes Human Health Effects Reasearch Program This site deals with the effects that the toxins that are found in the Great Lakes have on humans. Rating**

-- Anne Murphy (, February 17, 2000.

The name of the site that I visited is titled ATSDR Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program. The URL is This site has a lot of useful info on ATSDR's early and continuing efforts to assess the adverse affects of water pollutants in the Great Lakes system and the health of people in the Great Laked states. Because of all the useful info I give this site a rating of ***

-- Karissa Sharlow (, February 17, 2000.

Water Quality- this site provides information about the guidelines for the quality of the Great Lakes water-rating:**

-- alyssa connelly (, February 17, 2000.

Great Lakes automotive pollution prevention project with Chrysler Car Co., informative about how companies try to do their part for helping the Great Lakes-getting rid of toxins that are found in the waters. Rating:*1/2

-- alyssa connelly (, February 17, 2000. the title of the site is Great Lakes Research e-mail this site discusses bills and laws that legislature is trying to pass to help clean up the great lakes. ***

-- anthony ciaccio (, February 17, 2000.

Name: Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC) URL: Web Author: Trae F. Email to: This is a site providing information on the great lakes environmental center. The GLEC is an organization dedicated to studying the environmental impacts of pollution, the current status of the lakes, and methods of improvement. It contains alot of information on the GLEC and it purpose. **

-- Brian Paul Wheat (, February 17, 2000.

Title: Lake Trout Toxins


Author: Stephen Wittman

Agency: University

This site provides some detailed information on the Lake Trout Toxin problem.

Rating: 3 ***

-- Ian Craig (, February 17, 2000.

Title: Cleaning Up the Lake Erie Basin



Agency: Organization

This site offers some great information on the Lake Erie water basin and the efforts that are being put forth to clean up the area located along Ohio's shores.

Rating: 3***

-- Ian Craig (, February 17, 2000.

Name: EPA criticized on Great Lakes URL: 1116.html Rating** Review: This source discusses environmental groups' opposition to the EPA's lengthy delays in enacting a plan to reduce the amount of toxins released into the Great Lakes. The site provided a good summary of toxics in the basin, additional information would have been helpful however.

-- Peter Lazarek (, February 17, 2000.

Pollution Prevention- This site is from the DEC and talks about comparative risk dealing with pollution in the Great Lakes, it is helpful because it lists different types of toxins on a chart where you can click to find out more about the toxin, and what the DEC is doing to help. Rating:****

-- alyssa connelly (, February 17, 2000. Great Lakes Protection fund This is a nonprofit organization, it wasn't to bad of a web site, it was about tring to rotect the great lakes and things they are doing to help it.

-- Anthony Ciaccio (, February 17, 2000. by ****This is an environmental magazine that discusses many of the environmental concerns that we have. There is a good article on environmental toxins involving a study of women who ate fish out of the Great Lakes. Relates well to the class topics. Worth researching.

-- Ann Kunzelman (, February 18, 2000. *** good site discusses various evironmental issues cocerning the great lakes. it goes over numerous problems but not too much into detail yet does cover a lot of things.

-- Erin L. McGreal (, February 20, 2000.

Our Lakes in Peril Auther Detroit News Agency: Private company This web site talks about the dangerous ersion of the bluffs along the lakes. ***

-- Touraj Rajabipour (, September 22, 2000.

Name: The Great Lakes Binational Toxic Strategy > Author: Pranas Pranckevicius Maintained: Government This website is dedicated to the restoration of the great lakes. It deals with environmental problems and solutions from both Canada and the United States. ***

-- Touraj Rajabipour (, October 02, 2000.

>Name: The Great Lakes: an Environmental Atlas and Resource Book > Author: unfound Maintained: government of Canada and the United States. This website is designed to inform people of the physical characteristics of the Great Lakes. In addition this webite shows how people change those physical characteristics through chemical polution. **** This website was carefully designed and instumentally uses a vast array of information about the Great Lakes. It is laid out in a very user-friendly outline format, making navigation of the site accessible to people of all computer levels. More often than not the internet produces websites with an abundant amount of information but no photographs or diagrams to assist in the learning process. What is exceptional about this website is that it combines textual knowledge with visual knowledge making it a very powerful teaching tool. I believe this website should be used in your class this semester to raise the awareness of how serious the different environmental issues impact the Great Lakes.

-- Touraj Rajabipour (, October 02, 2000.

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