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Did you find any links regarding impacts of land use changes in the Great Lakes region? Land use changes such as converting forests to agricultural lands, deforestation in general, urbanization, and suburban sprawl greatly affect the environment. If you found a link on these topics, please scroll down and click on "Contribute an answer". Please follow the guidelines given in Assignment 2 when reporting on your link.

-- Sharon Gabel (, February 08, 2000


Name:NWF Great Lakes Natural Resource Center. URL: Administered by the National Wildlife Federation, Rating **

Review: A site that is centered on enviromental inpact of humans on the great lakes area and its subsequent effect on wildlife.

-- Aaron Jacobs (, February 08, 2000.

Name:The National Association of Marine Laboratories.URL: by the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML). Rating****

Review:An excellent site if you are looking for answers or examining reseach methods of land use around the Great Lakes region. The site has links to Marine Labaratories around the United States but in paticular a link to the Northeastern Association of Marine and Great Lakes Laboratories. The link to the Northeastern unit displays information leading to individual laboratories around the region, detailed colored-coded maps and marine life pictures. The information on this site is useful and pertains to the class. Each link to the site in the Northeastern range, leads you to a group, organization, or contact that can be reached through a personal email or access the web page attached to the link. The site is easily accessible and the info provided is valid. It can be used towards research or projects because it comes from reliable sources. The National Association of Marine Laboratories is a nonprofit organization and is a collection of scientists, engineers, and professionals representing Marine and Great Lakes Laboratories. They are as the say,"the window to the sea." The site is also helpful because it lists potential job listings and education programs offered if any student wishs to advance further in these studies.

-- Elizabeth Beauregard (, February 17, 2000.

Name: Advisor Site: WebMaster: Courtney Shosh, Rating: ***

This site posts, advisories and warnings about Greal Lake land use. They have listings from the last 5 years, and they use easy to observe pictures.

-- Stacey Fuller (, February 17, 2000.

Port of Toranto Canada Rating:*** Review:This site explains how commerce and a city like toranto has taken advantage the water front. e-mail:

-- Kristin Kohl (, February 17, 2000.

Advisor Site: Courtney Shosh( Rating: **** This site contains pictures that you can look at, which I found to be great.

-- Anne Murphy (, February 17, 2000.

Great Lakes Protection Fund URL: Webmaster: Floating Point Inc./ This site provides a great deal of information on what is being done to renew and protect the great lakes. It contains links and many statistics as to how much money is generated for the renewal and preservation of the lakes. It also mentions some of the charters and agreements in effect regarding renewal/protection. ***

-- Brian Paul Wheat (, February 17, 2000.

IMPACTS OF LAND USE: this is a site with links to industry, and laws that go to protect the greatlakes, the links are ok, very interesting information about the history and different groups that have used the great lakes land areas. Rating:**

-- alyssa connelly (, February 18, 2000.

Landtrust orginizations- very good site with links to other environmental centers and orginizations, for the aquisition and protection of natural land as well as education for those people who want to learn more about the great lakes and their surrounding areas- good site! Rating:****

-- alyssa connelly (, February 18, 2000.

Climate Sensitvity, Varibility and Adaption Issues in the Great Lakes- St Lawrance Basin A refrence Document Author: Scott Monds agency: Gov This web sit e is a good introduction to how land use effects the surrounding geologic community. ****

-- Touraj Rajabipour (, September 22, 2000.

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