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Hallo VCD-Gurus ;-)

I have a problem building "White-Book-Standard" MPEGS using "Ulead - Video Studio 3.0" I think I have to use the specs 1.151.929,1 bits/sec for video and 224kbits/sec for audio. Is this right? The standard MPEG-setting in "Ulead - Video Studio 3.0" is 150kb/sec - not exactly the same (150 x 8 x 1024 = 1.228.800 bits/sec). I can change this value only without decimals ("141", but not "140,6114" for example). Under this circumstances I am not sure if it is possible to solve the problem. Can you help me (tell me about the correct data rate, for example).

Thanks for your assistance!


-- Matthias Schneider (, February 08, 2000


on the main screen for the ulead towards the bottom (on the left), their is an icon thats either says, preferecnes and or templates(when you move on it). Click on this. Then click on "templates" it is here where it will show you all the templates. But at the bottom it will say "edit" (or it might say "new")go here and it lets you make a new template. This is where you can change it to vcd format at the 115, and save it. so when you do a project you can just use this template to do vcd format.

-- Doug (, February 08, 2000.


Which version of Ulead are you using? Is it the DV version? They changed the method of getting a compliant VCD mpeg-1 out of the system. In one you needed to use the option to go to CDrom and that set the actual output for a compliant file. In the next version they actually have an output option for VCD - it is an LSX encoder in a window with LSX or Ligos clearly indicated.

The quality is poor! Particularly in slow pans where it generates wobbly verticals.

-- Ross McL (, February 08, 2000.

Ross is correct. The Ulead version you mentioned is the one that comes with the Dazzle DVC. This version will only allow you to change the bitrate in whole number. To get 100% VCD 2.0 compliant which EZ CD creator will accept is to set the video data rate at 150 kbits/s and leave the audio at 224kbits/s. The one thing you must to do is to check the box underneath the window that says optimized for CD-ROM. If you don't check this box, the Mpeg1 file will not be VCD for me everytime.

-- lnguyen (, February 08, 2000.

hhmmm. Mine did come with the dazzle but it still let me make a vcd the easy cd 4 accepted with the process i mentioned. But yes i do agree the ulead gave horrible results. the only thing i used the ulead for is if i needed words written for my mpegs or something to that extent. Most of the time i have it deleted off my system.

-- Doug (, February 08, 2000.

gee Doug

Do you mean your putting titles into your project and then re rendering it in Ulead!

-- Ross McL (, February 08, 2000.

Hey Ross, Well kind of. i usually put words before a clip if i needed something explained (ex: this is the tv version title that...etc). But i do not combine them with my clips for one big clip. i just add them before i burn so their, their own clip. Sometimes though the ulead gave me problems, so i would save it in the best quality with the shortest rendering time, then just pass it on to the good ol panasonic to convert which took only minutes.

-- Doug (, February 08, 2000.

ohhh i totally misread your question!! (its late right now). No i dont use the ulead for anything else unless i need titles and or photos. i still use the dazzle (at 3000bit) then to the panasonic

-- Doug (, February 08, 2000.

I kept on hearing about this panasonic encoder...where can i get a copy of this?

-- lnguyen (, February 09, 2000.

Thanks for the answers!

- I use the Version "Video-Studio 3.0 SE". No DV.

- There is a option "Output optimised for CD-Rom". I'll try that. But, nevertheless, Doug wrote about 115kbits/sec, while lnguyen spoke about 150kbits/sec, and my calculation based on the white book gave me 140,61633kbits/sec. Which is correct - or is this value no longer important if I check the "CD"-Button?

- You wrote about the poor quality. Would the quality be better if I would render the project in AVI-Format (with Intel Indeo, for Expamle) and encode it later with the WinOnCD 3.6 CD-Burning-Software from CeQuadrat? More time needed then, but for a better qualitiy...

- two thing I haven't understood in your ansers: what is "Dazzle" , what is "DVC" and what is "the good old panasonic"?

Many Thanks!! Matthias

-- Matthias Schneider (, February 09, 2000.

Hi Matthias, sorry I misspelt it last time.

The Pansonic encoder allows 1150 for video and 224 for sound thats a total of 1374 and it also allows any combination that adds up to that as being compliant, so video set to 1246 video with 128 sound is allowed and playable on a DVD player.

The Ulead VS3 is not as liberal as that I think, when I first used it, 1150/224 was set once you selected the CD option. My Ulead came with the ADS Pyro firewire card and thats why I asked if it was the DV version as thats what I have.

In relation to the quality yes using Intel 5.11 does improve the picture when the render takes place in Ulead VS3 DV, whether that is the same with your version I do not know and also remeber that I am starting with a full frame original at 3.6M/s and that maybe a lot different to you system. I know nothing of Dazzle's Snazzi card so I cannot and will not comment beyond when I downloaded vision samples from the web site I was not impressed.

Try a sample of your work with the intel, it does not take long to do a test with 15 seconds of vision. compare and make up your own mind - just because someone here says its great does not mean it will be the same for you, this site is about giving ideas and its up to the reader after that.

With the easy access to download sites removed I have no idea now where you can get the Panasonic encoder other than a trial version from the software providers.

-- Ross McL (, February 09, 2000.

Great, Ross!

as I got you, the "magic mumber" is 1374kbis/sec. I can "play" with the video- and audio- bitrate - as long as the sum is 1374. Wow! I havent found that info yet.

At the moment I4m sitting at the office, but this evening I will test it.

Thanks for your comment about the forum - you're right, of cource, but on the other hand its perfect for me to do what others have done before me. If that works, I will start to "optimise" on my own...

I'll let you know!


-- Matthias Schneider (, February 09, 2000.

Hey Matthias the dazzle is a video hardware capture device that plugs into (my version anyway) the usb port on your PC. the DVC is short for its full name "dazzle digital video creator". I have played with the Ulead using the avi method and the results were not bad at all. I just like doing the method i use now. It does produce some good looking vcds (it also depends on the quality of what your running in as the old saying goes, garbage in...garbage out. I did try though awhile a go using the 150bit and the cd optimized for options, but my adaptec 4.0 still rejected it. So i made the vcd template. However since the panasonic encoder con almost convert anything it doesnt matter what template i had used. The panasonic encdoer will convert almost anything into a vcd or mpeg stream format. This encoder as it provides good results for what i want, when compared to a few others. BUt also note i am using mpeg for everything not avi. im sure thier are some really good avi to mpeg encoders out there as well. But the most i hear about is the Panasonic, and to be honest with you, i love this thing.

-- Doug (, February 09, 2000.

Hi everybody!

It works! With your help I've produced a VCD-compatible MPEG directly in Ulead (pressing the "CD-Button" isn't really complicated ;-), WinOnCD accepted it - and the quality is ok for me.

Only (little) Disadvantage: On my Pentium 233 MMX the rendering in Ulead took 40 minutes rendering time (from my AVI-captured and with ULead edited Video-Project to VCD-MPEG) for 1 minute video output.

Thanks again for your assistance - I'm sure the next question will come up soon....


-- Matthias Schneider (, February 10, 2000.

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Thanks so much

-- detrue (, November 14, 2000.

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Thank you Chris

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