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In the ongoing crusade towards globilization the truth and history have become the latest victims of the media and the Clinton Administration. Recent reports on the election of a NAZI sympathizer to the Austrian Government have unfailingly defined him as a "Right Wing Extremist". The implication being that Hitlers regime was Right Wing, and anyone with tendencies towards right wing conservatism is a closet NAZI. History clearly shows that Hitler was about as LEFT Wing as they come, but the truth is most of our population cannot even think for themselves to the point of seeing through this obvious demonization campaign, and hence it is successful through default.

The recent demonstrations in Turkey offer another clear case in point. When anti globalist staged riots against the WTO they were classified as "Anarchist" by all three of the major media talking heads , and interestingly by the British media as well. Funny, the only government I saw them protesting against was One World Government, they are perfectly happy with their own National government. I guess the definition of Anarchist has changed along with the definition of "is". But of course we saw the villinization of NATIONALIST in the recent Balkans conflict, so their escalation to Anarchist shouldn't come as any great surprise. Or the statement from Clinton that Hitler was a Christian, when anyone who has studied history knows the third Reich was steeped in Mysticism and Satanism.

The campaigns to demonize the American Militia groups and Christians in general all follow the same scheme. Any group which places national soverignity and family above allegience to a globalist agenda will be cast as right wing Nazis', whatever the hell that is supposed to be, and any government which doesn't fall in line with the program will become a pariah among nations.

It has become chillingly obvious that our corporate owned government controlled national news media has an agenda, and it isn't one which is going to be beneficial to the American Public. Reform of the major media should be on the platform of any candidate hoping to represent me in the next election.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, February 07, 2000


What ever happened to the Expression "Home Rule" and "Birds of a Feather"???

-- Forgot (my@Beef.!!!), February 07, 2000.

Please always remember, nazis didn't just have ddeath camps. They also had forced work camps. This was business to them.

-- ET (, February 07, 2000.

You're right Nikoli but there's a silver lining. First the mainstream news media don't really claim to be unbiased anymore. Peter, Dan, and Tom all admit to being left wingers and pretty much admit their biases. Hell, John Cochran of NBC works for the Democrats as a fund raiser. Secondly their dead anyway. The Internet, cable TV, satellite TV, increasing bandwidth. I haven't watched a major news network in probably close to a year. Why bother. Everything they had on the news I'd read 6 or 7 hours earlier in detail on the web. When I'm channel surfing and I happen on one of the 3 useful idiots I try to catch the commercials and I don't buy from them if I can help it. It's the least I can do. It's getting better all the time, hang in there brother.

-- Hank (, February 07, 2000.

Rather, Brokaw and Jennings may bear an ideological, if not physical, resemblance to the three monkeys who cannot hear, see or speak evil of their ideologies. As far as the physical thing, it take it back. Don't want to insult monkeys, you know.

Who needs' em? I suspect that most of us here prefer real, not filtered news.

-- haha (, February 07, 2000.

Listen guys. My Dad is a theological Nazi....thinks the Aryan race is the pinnacle of evolutionary superiority, Hitler did not go far enough in WW2, and the jews got just what they deserved. We grew up with no mercy, screaming, smashing....I was suicidal and on drugs by 18 and if Jesus hadn't saved me I'd be dead. Years of good counseling and a wonderful husband freed me from the torment, but it was a hard road. Let me tell you something, that antichrist spirit hates christians and other groups like you can't believe. Threw me out of the house after college, sick of my goddamned idiot christianity. But outwardly it charms and seduces and wouldn't believe all the relatives and friends that said we had the greatest dad in the world. The point is, they can lump you with the Nazis, but it's all the same antichrist spirit underneath. And it's so decieving, and charms so convincingly, that people will be taken in. This is our future.The media is their mouthpiece. WW2 was just a shadow of what is next. Don't draw the attention of evil men... a prudent man sees the evil and hides himself, says proverbs. Fight the real fight-show mercy to evreyone you meet, love your family better. Get closer to God. Seek truth. Don't try to fight them, they thrive on it, and it will sap your energy and leave you wasted. Pray for the future of the internet true news. Think the censorship and policing in China won't happen here? Think again.

-- lived (through@it.once), February 07, 2000.


Bigotry in the News


-- Dee (, February 07, 2000.

Lived Through It:

Yes. Evangelicals do fight.

With the weapons of light: The Armor of Love and the Sword of Honesty. We die for Love and Honesty too.

But Evangelicals didn't simply hide in the civil rights movement. They led it.

And won.

-- tim phronesia (, February 07, 2000.

Good to hear from you again Nikoli. Don't be a stranger!

-- GA Russell (, February 07, 2000.

ET: "Please always remember, nazis didn't just have death camps. They also had forced work camps. This was business to them."

That's right. Slave labor is a beautiful thing if you have a stomach for it. If you believe that you can own another human or the fruits of his labor, slave labor has some downright economic advantages as long as you are the plantation owner. Clinton's friends in China are well aware of the benefits of slave labor (forced or otherwise) and I don't hear Clinton dissing them. We have slave labor in this country: it's called "voluntary compliance". sdb

-- S. David Bays (, February 07, 2000.

Nikoli: Your view that the NSDAP was a left wing party is comical - The NSDAP, if you remember, was a bastion to all the dissaffected veterans returning home from the Great War, who grew weary of the middle Social Democrats and the LEFT wing Communists, who, by the way, if you remember, advocated globalism, which, if you remember, is antithetical to a National Socialist party - In fact, if you remember, the NSDAP achieved power in a fractional parlimentaristic government by allying with Hugenbergs Nationalist Party to achieve the necessary pluralistic majority - The historical facts I give demonstrate, if you remember, that the NSDAP was an ultra conservative element of the RIGHT WING of Weimar politics - The NSDAP, if you remember, finally acheived power by allying with the capitalist industrialists and the Reichswehr to finally defeat the radical Left - I believe that if you called any member of the Reichswehr a member of the Left...well...

-- Bob (, February 07, 2000.

The media will use, as an epithet against people they don't like, "far right."

They will never, never, describe their own team as "leftist," which, by contrast, would make sense. In fact, no one is ever described as "Far left," or "Far left extremist." This includes strict Communists, who one would think would be classified as leftist, but instead are media-classified as "Hardliners." The words "Communist" or "left" are never used in a negative sense.

Well, if we are not rightists, and if we cannot admit to be leftists, what are we? We are "Middle of the Roaders." We are the ones of sanity who are not far right. In the eyes of the media there are two extremes to the spectrum- the far right at one, and the 'moderates' at the other.

In essense, the media has redefined left wingers as moderates. Don't accept my word for it... just watch. Moderates are those extremely inteligent and urbane good guys. Those who are so extremely left wing as to be mad at big business are "anarchists" or "hard liners"- but never, ever, Leftist or Socialist.

-- Scarecrow (Somewhere@over.rainbow), February 08, 2000.

>> [The media] will never, never, describe their own team as "leftist," which, by contrast, would make sense. In fact, no one is ever described as "Far left," or "Far left extremist." <<

I don't pay much attention to the broadcast media these days, but I gather glimpses from time to time. Apart from the reference to broadcasters and leftists being together on some kind of "team", I'd have to admit the accuracy of your main observation. The terms "leftist" and "far left" seem to have dropped out of the media's Big Book of Cliches, lately.

Just a few further observations, though.

There is very little reason to identify the views of the "far left" on network TV, as such. Those views rarely, if ever, appear there. The politics we see on TV run the entire gamut from statist to reactionary. And back again.

The statists are more often identified as "liberals" than as leftists. The reactionaries are generally identified as "conservative". The "Far right" is generally reserved for reactionaries whose social aims do not harmonize well with the view that maximum profits are the highest social good. Theocrats like Pat Robertson are (respectfully) the "Christian right". Militia members are (dispprovingly) "right wing extremists."

To make sense of the media you must throw out notions of right and left, liberal and conservative, and hold fast to the mainline truth. All values strongly approved in the media are blatantly mercantile values.

If you see any value approved by the media and you can't see immediately who is making money from it, then look deeper and you'll see that it somehow helps the "business climate", or makes for better employees, or encourages passivity, or divides natural allies from perceiving their shared problems and acting together to solve them, or increases consumption, or it misdirects public anger and bewilderment over the loss of control over their own lives by offering them a scapegoat.

Figure that out and the media will be an open book to you from now on. "Left" and "right" have nothing to do with it.

If you think all those union members who marched against the WTO in Seattle were "left wing globalists", think again. See "divides natural allies" and "offers scapegoats", above.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, February 08, 2000.

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