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The following is a small little lesson that I put together for some of my 8th grade students who were interested in photography. Nothing technical but to make them think about perspective a little bit and hopefully spark some interest. Subjects: People

Topics: Filling the frame Expressions Direction of Light Angle of View Background

You will be taking a total of ~ 24 pictures Choose a partner: Use the same person in each of your photos

24 situations Using a standard 50 mm lens

1. picture taken from 20 ft away 2. picture taken from 10 ft away 3. picture taken from 5 ft away 4. picture taken from 2 ft away

5. picture directly in front of the person less than 5 ft 6. picture directly above the subject 7. picture directly below the subject 8. picture of subject facing away and looking back

9. picture of subject facing light 10. picture of subject with light behind them 11. picture of subject with light hitting the side

12. subject with a very busy background 13. subject with a single color background 14. subject with a vegetation background 15. subject with a sky background

16. subject expressing sadness 17. subject expressing happiness 18. subject expressing fear 19. subject expressing confusion 20. subject expressing silliness 21. subject expressing seriousness 22. subject expressing anger

-- Jason Martin (, February 07, 2000

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