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For some time last year up to and including December, I was buying Twining's teas on sale for $1.99, here in central North Carolina. At the store this weekend they were on sale for $2.29. Condensed tomato soup--was buying during the same period for 50c each on sale, now 60c each on sale. That's a hefty increase on both items. I'm sure other prices have gone up too but my memory is bad and those were the only two that stuck. Millstone coffee, by the way, is still $7.99/pound. Has anyone noticed other price increases on SALE items? (P.S. Thank goodness for canned goods at Big Lots, still very reasonably priced.)

-- Old Git (, February 07, 2000


Old Git...I haven't done much shopping since before Christmas, trying to eat off some of the preps. However, I was in our local Super WalMart the other day and was a little chagrined to find that prices were much lower than before roll over. Our WalMart must have stocked up. Spam, Tuna, canned veggies, dried milk.....all those storable goodies were down in price by at least 20%. When Swanson came out with their flavored chicken broths the price was 55cents..into sale! Then itwent to 76 cents. I waited several months before it went on sale for 57 cents. Went back to 76 cents and now the regular price is 55 cents. But I suspect that this is all stuff they expected to have runs on and as soon as its sold out, the prices will jump. Also if this oil thing affects JIT, the prices will go sky high. Taz

-- Taz (, February 07, 2000.

Cream Soda ( I love it ) has gone from 1.99 a six pack of bottles to 2.29 and higher at some stores. I haven't bought any canned goods or dry goods since Dec so I haven't noticed any prices on staples. I have noticed that if Sam's have a rebate on an item, that item is higher priced than it was when there was no rebate on it. Example tea bags were 5.99 for gal size, after the rebate was offered on it the price went to 7.99 and guess what the rebate was 2.00. How many folks actually sent in for the rebate? You have to be a careful shopper to stay ahead of the maketing ploys.

-- Carol (, February 07, 2000.

I have noticed higher prices here in No. Calif. I have been using some of my preps but I want to replace what I have been using when the prices come down. Lately, I have just been buying fresh meat, dairy, bread and produce and spending about $15-20/week for myself, grandpa and 2 little girls. Putting the extra $$$ into savings for later.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, February 08, 2000.

Prices are going up, there is know why it can hid. This hurts all the peeople at the bottom of the latter.

-- ET (, February 10, 2000.

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