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Hello my friends.

After searching a while on the net, I found to Web Sites with solutions to disable the Macrovision Protection on the Matrox Marvel Video Cards ( I own a Matrox Marvel G400-TV NTSC AGP ).

I have to test it, but if you want to check and download for yourself, here are the links .- Looks at the Download section

Well, hope this helps you. And please post your results and share with us.

Have fun.

-- Roberto Gomez Torres (, February 06, 2000


Those cracks don't work. I Tried them on my G400, and they said they can't find a correct version of vcap16.dll (the first) and that there is not the mgall64.dll (the second). In fact they are supposed to run on a G200 card. I hope that the G400 version will be avaiable soon.

-- Platux (, March 03, 2000.

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