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Full details of power restrictions
Monday 7 February 2000

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Restrictions will apply until Wednesday 9 February and will be reviewed at that stage. The restrictions apply to all premises located in Victoria of all private and public sector organisations. The restrictions do not apply to electricity consumers who use their own generating plant in isolation from Victoria's electricity system.


Electricity MAY NOT be used for the following: Air conditioning Clothes drying Dishwashing machines Electric tools Electronic musical equipment Hobby appliances and games Personal computers Swimming pool filters or heaters Video recorders or playback units

The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM use of electricity is permitted for the following: Cooking Heating: Space heating, one room only Hot water services Lighting: interior - in no more than three rooms at any time; exterior - for safety and security only Medical appliances and machines Refrigerators and freezers Security systems Television sets: One only at any one time Washing machines EXEMPTIONS The following medical conditions qualify individual households for exemption from the electricity restrictions: Elderly Disabled persons New born infants Children with chronic conditions Terminal illness Other chronic conditions dependent on life support systems Severe skin conditions


Electricity MAY NOT be used for the following: Air conditioners: For cooling or heating of premises. However, ventilation fans may be operated for the safety of people or animals. Decorative lighting: For external and internal signs, displays, etc in all premises. Heating of premises: All heating including space heaters and radiators. Lifts: Permitted in hospitals, residential apartments and hotels. All other premises - no more than one-half of the number of lifts installed is permitted. Lighting: Up to half the normal lighting in all premises is permitted. Other lights permitted only for safety, security and emergency use. Television or video equipment: For promotional or advertising purposes. Television production: Not more than 50 per cent of load.

Equipment and premises for provision of emergency services are exempt from this restriction. To check if you may use power for a particular activity or operation, please call your local electricity supply company whose telephone number is shown on your electricity account. The absolute minimum use of electricity is permitted for other purposes. If these restrictions are not observed, electricity may have to be switched off to individual premises or areas to ensure that electricity used does not exceed available supply and to avoid widespread blackouts throughout the state.


Tabled on this forum to show Americans the impact range when electricity stresses out to the point of enforced rationing and those who are affected by it.

Regards from Down Under

-- Pieter (, February 06, 2000


Hello Pieter-- I read enough to enderstand that this is in Victoria--BUT what is the cause of the reduced power output? The links sent me to a natural gas site???

-- Pam (, February 06, 2000.


I tested the link successfully. Power loss is caused by Yallourn Valley maintenance workers strike action and other generators failures under stressful conditions. The National grid is also strained and groaning with frequent failures, like Torrens Island in South Australia. Fun times had by all. Pays to stay home and go fishing. Darn! I need a license for that...grrrr

Regards from OZ

-- Pieter (, February 06, 2000.

Thanks Pieter for this disturbing update. Here's hoping that you are not in the affected area -- your eyes and ears are key! Any word on why the power grid has been stressing? Is this largely a labor/management problem? Has this happened before? Sorry if you've answered this questions before.

-- Mello1 (, February 06, 2000.

You can always go down to the local senior's home and kidnap an elderly disabled person so you can run your AC. (just kidding)

I still don't understand the situation. So what if its a British company running the utility or if it was an American company. A utilities business is selling electricity and during your hot summer they should be doing a thriving business. If a labor union forces higher prices then just past it on to the consumer like they do here. What's the big deal?

I've read your other posts where you've tried to explain it but I guess its a lot more complicated than what initially meets the eye.

What do the labor unions want, doctor and lawyer wages?

-- Guy Daley (, February 06, 2000.


As disturbing as this may be (regarding my ignorance), *you* actually are my main source of information on this sort of thing in Australia.

It seems that after the (relatively recent) loss of your right to bear arms, you have experienced both calls for internet censorship and restrictions on energy usage (oh yeah, and a doubling of beer tax :( ) Were these types of things going on BEFORE your loss of gun rights as well?

A honest question from an unusually ignorant American,


-- Someone (, February 06, 2000.


Thanks for your interest. I post headline news today. It's headline for us. Internet headlines are available via as a portal.

I follow this debate, among others, because I am curious about how Australia will change. Times are challenging and our insular diverse rural scene is constantly and rapidly changing. Our unions find difficulty adjusting, as do most of us with the advent of global economics dictating the terms. We are slipping into a form of peonage with the State driving issues like gun control and internet censorship.

I personally believe that the people should take more interest in the politics at work here. That is why I try to articulate the issues and sometimes the politicians are interested in what I collate.

Maybe we can make a better world. Thanks to the TB2000 contributors I have found certain ideas to help me.

By the way, our love affair with guns shows with regular news segments about our shooters and sportmen/women on both TV with visual and radio. Today we have more guns pro rata than before the gun buyback. It's huge, and the enthusiasts are doing brisk business.

Regards from Down Under

-- Pieter (, February 06, 2000.

Pieter, It is encouraging to see some data concerning Power failures, sorry it is hurting many innocent people, but sometimes it is necessary for people to rise up and do something about it... I sure miss the good old days, when the primary focus of the people and government were somewhat the same... ethics, morality, and honesty! I think the American liberal news media should be abolished so that the American people can take back truth and traditional standards again... it is good to see that many in the Down Under are doing just that... I don't know much about Down Under. but I know you are giving it a good fight to take back what too many Americans are too lazy to even consider because they are so dependent on government to do it for them and then lie to them about what actually they did!

God bless your efforts, BRyan

-- S BRyan G III (, February 07, 2000.

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