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Since my first summer at camp, I've heard about these radioactive squirels. I've been told that they are very sweet, and they even know a few songs and they'll sing along with you! Is this true?

-- Only His Kid (, February 05, 2000


Sure, camp's got some of those squirels. They glow in the dark, and are very sweet. They sometimes hang around the camp fire and cabins, and they like to sing with the campers, and they also like to sing them to sleep. The interesting part is that only their tails glow.

-- Beara (, March 04, 2000.

There are indeed radioactive camp squirls, but I have never had one sing to me. All of the ones that I have encountered usually were chasing me out of the trees because they didn't want me climbing on their houses. The reason why these squirels are radioactive is because they eat the left over chicken chunks that food service of America produces, you know, that mechanically seperated stuff. And yes- they do golw in the dark!- for the sake of s

-- tora-the gnome (, November 07, 2000.

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