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Hi, in some how I just can't copy DAT-files to my HDD. I can't neither play DAT-files in Xing MPEG-player.

Is there som drivers that I need to install on my computer? I have a Pioneer EIDE 40*X CD-ROM.

I can see all the files in the VCD, but I can't copy or watch them.

Please help me!

-- daniel albertsson (, February 05, 2000


This is a very common problem which has been answered several times in this forum. You are missing SCSI1hlp.vxd in your windows\system\iosubsys directory. This file is necessary for your IDE CDROM to read, transer to the HD, and play VCDs. It somehow makes the IDE act like a SCSI. This is an integral file in adaptec VCR software. This is the file that makes NERO or WINONCD not compatable with EZCD creator. Your need to remove this file for NERO to work and NERO will remove it on installation. Most likely you redid your hard drive (format and reinstall) or just added new CDR burner software. This file is in one of the CAB files in the W95 or W98 install disks. Just expand it and put in the above subdirectory, and it will work. If you want to use NERO with Adaptec CDR software, then I would suggest that you write a BAT file to rename the file so that you can use NERO and then another BAT file to restore the file so that you can play your VCD or use EZCD creator (I do not know if you need to reboot after renaming the file since I never have used NERO). I always keep a copy of this file in another subdirectory just in case it gets accidently removed so that I do not have to search through windows install disk to again. Without this file a MMsystem error usually results when using a VCD player.

-- (, February 05, 2000.

As said above this is a common problem if the steps above are not taken with EIDE drives. However, there are no problems whatsoever of the same type with SCSI drives. For example, I have a Teac CDR55S CD- R drive and a Pioneer U303 DVD-ROM drive, both SCSI of course, connected to an AdvanSys AEC930 PCI controller, and I have installed Easy CD, Nero, and WinOnCD power ed. and can use each whenever I want without ill effects of any sort, never having to alter any statement in any .ini, .inf, .bat, or .sys file. Okay, speed for speed EIDE drives match SCSI, etc. but for those with a view to more serious business, like VCD creation, they should not allow themselves be caught with EIDE drives. There is a reason why, for one, Plextor (considered the Rolls-Royce of CD-R drives), will never put out any EIDE model; they have remained resolutely SCSI.

-- EMartinez (, February 12, 2000.

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