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Apple computer (Nasdaq: AAPL) said Tuesday that the Y2K bug caused a few minor malfunctions in its information technology systems, but there was no big impact on the company's financial performance.

Through January 2000 Apple "experienced a limited number of minor malfunctions in its information technology (IT) systems as the result of the date change," the PC maker said in its quarterly report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Apple, which spent about $10 million to prepare for the 2000 date switchover, said there might be more minor malfunctions of its IT and non-IT business systems. But it also said these would not have a major impact on operations or its financial condition. -- Reuters,7407,2431267,00.html

-- Open the pod bay doors (, February 05, 2000


LOOOOOVE yer handle!!! Lovit. lovit.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), February 05, 2000.

--from what I understand, apple was using various *nix flavor machines for some of it's applications in-house and for their website. With their new machines and OS-X server software, I imagine that they are rapidly changing over as fast as possible. Given the size of their company, 10 mil seems low, and it also is nice to hear at least some sort of corporate truth in y2k status, ie, no outright denial or spin like a lot of other companies are apparently doing. "depends on what your definition of "problem is" is. hehehehehe I hope they continue to do well, and keep giving people a choice in both hardware and operating systems.

-- zog (, February 05, 2000.

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