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I need some data on using D-23 (one bath/two bath) process with T-Max 100. Any temperature/time info will be appreciated.


-- Delfino L. Tiongco (, February 04, 2000


This is not the answer you're seeking but rather my opinion on the matter. There is no advantage to using D-23 with T-Max films. They seem to respond much better to a non-Metol based formula. I use either T-Max RS developer or Agfa Rodinol.

The T-Max films are already fine grained without all the Sodium Sulfite of the D-23 formula and you will lose sharpness with D-23 as compared to either of the above mentioned developers.

If you choose to go with T-Max developer be sure to use the RS version. The original T-Max developer should not be used with sheet film.

-- Joseph A. Dickerson (, February 10, 2000.

I have tried D-23 1:1 with HP-5+ with interesting results. Compared to D-76 1:1, the contrast from Zone 1 through 5 is higher, and the contrast from zone 5 and up is lower. This provides high shadow contrast and low highlight contrast (a shoulder). My EI is 125 for N development.

With T-Max films, I think you will get a similar curve. I saw in a book (I don't remember which) that Microdol-X produced this type of curve with T-Max films. Microdol-X is D-23 (or similar to it) with the addition of 30g table salt.

Try the published times for D-76 and expect a low EI, 50 or lower.

-- William Marderness (, February 10, 2000.

One more thought, I suggest you dilute D-23 1:3, since T-grain films don't like high concentrations of sodium sulfite.

-- William Marderness (, February 10, 2000.

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