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Lately I've been getting a lot of email intended for, a pussy who masks his/her ideas behind a false email address.

There is no I have the domain for a consulting business I started 3 years ago and have since discontinued. obviously has no belief in anything it says. why else post under a false email adress.

Is this a pussy way to express freedom of speech? Bet your ass.

Noballs@whereveryouare.dickhead -- If you have an opinion, express it freely under your own name -- don't use mine.


-- Bill (, February 04, 2000


Heh, gotta love the e-mail address in the last line there. Whew. That was clever. Feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap now, and I didn't even say it out loud. So Bill, can I borrow that some time?

-- Hokie (, February 05, 2000.


I apologize if this has caused you any inconveniences,no harm or malice was ever intended.I will change this now as to not cause you further problems.

A.Sorry about your business.

B.The reason for the fake email addy is that we at the TB2K were/are having problems with malicious email,spam and hacks from people who disagree with our views.

C.I will disregard your other remarks,to do otherwise would indeed give them undue credence.Learn how to get your messages across with out the garbage.

Tony C.

-- Common Man (, February 05, 2000.


No,I am not a spammer,nor have I intentionaly used that URL/addy to hide behind or for any dishonest purposes.


It seems as if some of you may have been trying to reach me,(I hope without the spam)I apologize to you for your wasted time.I am in the process of setting up an alternate addy,just for this purpose.

I wonder if Bill would forward me my lost mail??? ;)

Wanna sell me that tree Bill?

-- Common Man (, February 05, 2000.

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