Unintended consequence of BITR -- Y2kPro's continuing childish/psychotic behavior after rollover proves he wasn't a "getting paid by the government shill"...which is something to be grateful for!!

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Even our government isn't that dumb...

-- another happy (t@x.payer), February 04, 2000


I told you he was a 17-year-old wanker.

-- nothere nothere (notherethere@hotmail.com), February 04, 2000.

what does BITR mean? While I'm at it, somebody said people were leaving the forum because they were afraid of CPR. Translate? Thankee

-- speaking (the@king's.english), February 04, 2000.

Actually, his continuing behavior is proof that the government knows that Y2K isn't really over yet.

-- (not@over.yet), February 04, 2000.

Bump in the Road. Acronym Finder

-- Kyle (fordtbonly@aol.com), February 04, 2000.

I have my own theories: Y2K Pro is either Lady Logic's boyfriend, or her evil alter-ego.

-- No Polly (nopolly@hotmail.com), February 04, 2000.

For goodness sakes, Y2kPro was posting to this forum before most of you even knew it existed. He's been involved in Y2k remediation on a "nation-wide" level for several years.

Check out the archives sometime. At one time he produced lengthy, exhaustive, rational arguments regarding WHY Y2k would not result in anything but the BITR "bump in the road" that most of you have seen in your lives. I won't even go into the responses he received on this forum, but they exist in the archives as well.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.com), February 04, 2000.

Y2KPro is boorish, bumptious,contemptible,egotistical, infantile,and incessantly scornful - not to mention repetitious.

-- Tired of Smart Alecs (Keys@flash.net), February 04, 2000.

Kyle, you link gesture was a kindness, but can you make a link to the terminalogy which existed on this board. The newbie may be more confused. I keyed in LOL, and got Land of Lakes (Butter) back as a possible meaning!

-- First Our Speech (isdiv@ded.com), February 04, 2000.

I look upon this vast expanse of cyberspace, and anon, the quirks began to move...

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), February 04, 2000.

Here's another link you might want to try if you're looking for the terminology and the like:


It'll also point you to a few other places, which will point you to a few other places, and pretty soon you'll start thinking that everyone makes them up as they go along, anyway. (Which is my personal technique.)

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), February 04, 2000.

FOS, I know that link is unhelpful sometimes. But, it is a start. There are A(acronym)s I don't know yet. I always enjoying helping others and from my experience, being a relative newbie here, most of the posters here are the same way. If you have a specific question, just ask....I will help if I can. And a lot of these people on here will help even more. Just keep asking around. I have found answers to questions I never asked, but wanted to know. This board is the PREMIERE news site on the web. Hell, for anywhere on the globe for that matter.

Oldtimers? How many points did I earn for that? I know it looks like sucking up, but it is true, nonetheless.

-- Kyle (fordtbonly@aol.com), February 04, 2000.


This is the premiere news site on the web, bar none....


LOL.... laughing out loud...

BITR... Bump In The Road

CPR.... childish/psychotic Ranter?..... is aka of at least 7 other names at De Buncker.... now closed :-)

No one has left because of this nut..... he's always calling for his Lawyer, threatening to turn all our names into the ATHORITIES, and his Mommy :-)

-- Casper (c@no.yr), February 05, 2000.

The only reason Pro was right was because he got LUCKY because that's all it's really about is pure unadulterated LUCK and that's why the pollies were right, even though the doomers were MUCH smarter and predicted everything with far more skill and intelligence, but they just happened to be wrong because everything was all about LUCK and nothing else and that's why the pollys appeared to be right but of course, they weren't REALLY right, because they were totally WRONG because it's the "Y"2K problem and the fat lady hasn't sung yet, in fact she hasn't even warmed up her vocal chords to sing about all the problems with gold skyrocketing and all of the Y2K embedded chip air disasters and oil refinery explosions and they're only getting bigger and bigger and soon the bubble will burst and everyone will die.

-- (breathe@in.out), February 05, 2000.

And the doomers will probably die first because they are so much smarter than the pollies. Those dumb pollies are so stupid they will probably continue about their llives in a normal fashion because they lack the simple common sense to realize that they are supposed to die. It will serve those mental midgets right.

-- Butt Nugget (catsbutt@umailme.com), February 05, 2000.

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