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Can I get some help before I begin making vcd's? I just bought the matrox g400-tv and plan on recording some vcr-tapes to vcd. I have some simple questions; 1) When I capture video and sound to the harddisk, will the quality of my sound card effect the later sound quality? I have a very poor sound card that makes noice all the time. 2) I plan on buying a separate hard disk, only to record to. Does it matter if I buy a SCSI or a IDE? How fast does it have to be in order to not create any problems? (I plan on capturing in best quality, pal) 3) Does it matter what kind of cd-r drive I use?



-- Jacob Rastam (, February 04, 2000


Personally I would agree to a better sound card. If you can spend $$ on the Matrox, a little more $ on a reasonable sound card is an investment well-spent.As for the hard disk, a good high speed one is preferrable. SCSI's fine but a little pricey. There are some fast but cheap IDEs on the market - 5 Meg/s or better. When you're playing with digital video - 20 gigs of hard disk space will fly like the wind sooner than you'd expect. The advise - get a larger one ... a really large one. Then again, the only limit is money. As for the CD- R drive, I believe a good brand is sufficient. However, plan ahead for your media. If you plan on making a VCD, know what is the target VCD/DVD player. Not all players can handle a home-made VCD. Look around elsewhere in the thread for that and you'll know what I mean. . Good Luck.

-- andy (, February 06, 2000.

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