OT China preparing for war with US?

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China preparing for war with US?

WASHINGTON -- Strategic writings by Chinese military and party leaders show that China is making plans for war with the United States, according to a new Pentagon study.

About 600 translations of internal Chinese writings by 200 authors reveal China's strategy to defeat a superior foe, using both military and non-military means such as propaganda, deception and covert action, the Washington Times reported.

They also reveal the extreme distrust of the US by China's military and party leaders, the newspaper said.

Chinese generals state that the US bombed China's embassy in Belgrade intentionally last May as part of a long-term strategy to prompt an arms race that will cause the mainland's collapse.

The Chinese statements, from the mid-1990s through last year, discuss issues normally couched in secrecy inside China.

They appear in the book, China Debates the Future Security Environment, published last month for the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, which is in charge of long-range planning.

The official views from Communist Party and military officials contradict other claims by the Beijing government that China poses no threat to the US or other nations, the report said.

General Li Jijun, described as one of China's most distinguished military authors, states that Washington engineered the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait as a "strategic misdirection" or deception.

According to the book, late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping set the current military strategy for dealing with the world's only superpower in the slogan, "bide our time and build up our capabilities".

General Xiong Guangkai, a senior officer in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, is quoted as saying in a speech at Harvard University: "Any efforts for seeking hegemony and world domination can only result in accumulating contradictions and fermenting war."

Chinese plans also discuss means of taking out US aircraft-carrier battle groups. Writer Ying Nan states that weaker Chinese forces could defeat the huge carriers because the groups are hard to conceal from radar, are less effective in bad weather and are hampered by shallow water or when operating close to the coast.

China now seeks to avoid head-on confrontation until around 2030, when the Chinese expect US power to decline significantly.

But a war between China and the US could erupt over Taiwan, according to the Chinese authors. Strategist Gao Hen writes that a US defence of Taiwan will cause a major war of "global and historic implications".


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