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---last week we had the levi "pax" petition exposed, and a lot of people replied with comments to levi strauss company, here is my original letter, and finally there (probably robot) reply, and my re-reply: the paste is inverted, original letter on bottom, their reply in middle, my latest reply on top here:

---and thank you for your reply. the thing is, you are going about this the wrong way. disarming the population IS part of what you are doing. Unfortunately 'bad people" don't disarm. what is needed instead is for all responsible adults to be armed. Look at the areas that have allowed concealed carry for responsible adults--the crime rates are lower. Look at areas that for the most part have outlawed private concealed carry, such as washington dc and nyc--the crime rates are through the roof. Now just suppose that in littleton colorado and conyers georgia that several adult teachers in those schools had been trained in the use of firearms, and had been carrying concealed and responsibly. those kids who engaged in the violence would have been stopped. there are anecdotal stories out there where this has been the case, but because no "massacre" takes place, it doesn't make the headlines. Israel is another example. they had organized attacks on schools and children by terrorists all the time, those attacks have dropped to zero since israel allowed it's citizens to go armed in all areas during their daily lives. disarming doesn't work, the world will always have bad people, the good people have a duty and obligation to stay armed to protect themselves and children and loved ones. I have thwarted two crimes against my person because I carry legally concealed. Neither time was I a victim, and neither time did it make the "news" on tv or anywhere. You still need to rethink this one, and I'm sure if you check your mail is running at least ten to one against your position and petition, isn't it? Please reply and answer my points. thank you. "zog"

--- levistrauss@levi.com wrote: > Dear "zog" <--did use real name here: > > Thank you for taking the time to write us. Customer > feedback is > very important to us and we appreciate you taking > the time to > express your opinions on this issue. > > PAX is a non-profit, anti-violence organization > dedicated > to the vision of a society free of gun violence. > Levi Strauss > & Co. supports PAX's goal to bring all Americans > together > to support common sense solutions to the gun > violence > epidemic. > > Levi Strauss & Co. believes all students should have > the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, free > of > violence. Our support of PAX is not an effort to > deny citizens > their right to own guns, but rather to find > effective ways to > help put an end to gun violence among youth. > > We appreciate your taking the time to write us and > to express your > thoughts about this important issue. Your feedback > is important to > us and your opinions have been shared with senior > management. > > > Sincerely, > > Jessica > Levi Strauss & Co. > jescor1654415

> > --------------------< you wrote > >-------------------- > FirstName: "zog" <--used real name > LastName: "zog" > > Comments: ---I will no longer be wearing, buying, or > in any way > supporting your products in any fashion, in fact, I > will be donating > some amount of my time and money in spreading the > word about > your ill advised, un patriotic and dangerous > corporate policies vis a > vis this "gun" petition you have. Our firearms > rights are ours, they > have not been granted by any governmental agency, we > are born > with them, and no governmental agency or corporate > entity will > remove them. Every time I see your products > advertised, I will be > calling in a complaint to whichever station I see > them on. If in a > periodical, I will be calling that periodical. If on > a website, a > complaint goes to the web master/administrator > there. You are > wrong, you have neither the numbers, the > statisitics, or the moral > high ground. You have the opportunity to do more > research into this, > I suggest you do it. Anti gun policies have been a > failure in every > society they have appeared in, and the victim level > goes up, not > down. Look in just the last century past, the most > crime was the > genocides committed by governments against their own > peoples, and > it was always preceeded by gun legislation that led > to disarming the > populations. Learn from history. Never again! > >

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), February 03, 2000


good post zog. i replied to levis as well.

-- lou (lanny1@ix.netcom.com), February 03, 2000.

obviously levi strauss has very politically correct leanings. weren't they the same organization that gave the boy scouts trouble a few years ago? also they are very pro on gay issues too.

-- tt (cuddluppy@aol.com), February 03, 2000.

Thank you, zog, for doing this. I plan to write them this weekend. I am not an internet pro or a linkmeister, so hope that someone who is can send them a list we've seen on this forum of the books and studies that have been done that show concretely that gun control not only has not worked here and abroad, but that where good citizens have permits to carry/own, crime has gone down.

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), February 03, 2000.

Is there something the matter with being pro on "gay" issues?

-- futureshock (gray@matter.com), February 03, 2000.

People have a right to think what they want. You can even say whatever you want here for debate. Just don't legislate or impose your views on me.

-- Powder (Powder47keg@aol.com), February 03, 2000.

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