Environmentally friendly weedkiller discovered in Australian barrier reef

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From today's Electronic Telegraph:

Barrier Reef scientists find 'friendly' weedkiller By Mark Ward

WEEDKILLERS that are harmless to humans, animals and crops have been discovered by biologists studying Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

New Scientist reports that the biologists Jim Burnell and Lyndon Llewellyn isolated chemicals from reef organisms that inhibit the photosynthetic abilities of fast-growing plants such as weeds.

If the chemicals prove as effective in field trials as they have in the greenhouse they may herald the arrival of a new class of herbicides that kill weeds without damaging the environment or crops.

The pair were prompted to look for the chemicals after they noticed that stretches of coral on the reef were bare. After isolating and testing about 5,000 samples from organisms that live on the reef they discovered a group of compounds that cripple some plants' ability to photosynthesize.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), February 03, 2000


Hi Old,

Thanks for a most interesting newsflash.

Back in college I had a theology prof who proposed less than traditional (christian?)interpretations for YWHW. Instead of 'I am what I am', he suggested that 'I shall become what I shall become' or 'I am sufficient'. I find the last intrepretation is most interesting and your news flash supporting his premise. If we'd look carefully, we'd find that all that we need is provided.

I think that organic gardeners, conservationist, and the like, understand that the 'lowliest' plants and animals are valuable parts of creation - thee web of life that impacts us all.

In any event I've enjoy your posts on these forums, keep them coming - thanks.


-- john hebert (jt_hebert@hotmail.com), February 03, 2000.

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