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Have you ever taken your revenge on someone? How did you feel afterwards?

-- Trouble (, February 03, 2000


My good friend of 10years had moved into the extra room in my house I was renting....after about a month I found out my girlfriend at that time and he had started going at it as soon as he moved in. The day I found out I grabbed a few friends and we completly disassembled his room in about 30min. Then, we placed a large TV in the middle of the room with a photo of the "girlfriend" going on the vcr. And then I looped "my best-friends girlfriend" on a tape machine. He was out on a date with some new girl and brought her home to his newly remodeled room. Ofcourse I dropped the girl too.

-- Dwayne Ray (, February 04, 2000.

well i have a problem close to that. both ur friend and gurlfriend totally screwed u over, just like all of my best 5 friends did to me. the are totally crashing my life. i want to get revenge on them. can u please give me ideas on getting them back like ideas i can use at school. i already had 30 large pizza sent to one of the gurls house and already put nar in another gurls shampoo. i just need ideas to do at school. so u will be totally saving my life if u can help. mary

-- mary ---- (, February 04, 2001.

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