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I was wondering what material we will have to know on the test. Do we only have to know what is in the book? What exact pages are we expected to know? Do we have to know the material from the course notes? I thought that in class it was said that we will only be expected to know stuff from the book.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000


We covered Chapter 9 in the book, including the First Law, different types of energy (heat, mechanical expansion work),thermochemistry, Hess' Law, internal energy vs. enthalpy, heat capacities of ideal gases, specific heat. We also saw an illustration of energy transfer between different degrees of freedom (translation, rotation, vibration) of a diatomic molecule. The book treats heat exchange and work, path dependence, both in Ch. 9 and 10. We have followed the same scheme and will continue. Tomorrow, we will repeat some work-related discussion in Ch. 9 and connect it to a similar topic in Ch. 10, in preparation of the introduction of entropy and spontaneity. Entropy will not be on the first test.

The TAs have been idling largely and would be happy to see at least a couple of people (each!) in their office hours. We could also have a more attentive monitoring of this BB, if desired.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000

He did say in class that for this exam we would only be held responsible for what is in the text because of problems downloading the notes. I not completley sure on the sections we covered in class.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000

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