Will new C-Cube DVXpress boards allow simple VCD archiving?

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I'm researching video capture solutions so that I can archive old VHS tapes and DV camcorder shots onto DVD or VCD. I just got a Toshiba 3109 and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of a Video CD I played... given that, I'm trying to see if the MPEG2/DV transcoder boards (i.e. Matrox DT2000? and Pinnacle DV500) based on the C-Cube DVXpress chip will handle real-time MPEG-1 encoding onto a VCD?

I know that these boards include Premiere and some DVD writing utility. But does Sonic Solutions DVD authoring system also write VCD?


-- Bill Katz (WTKatz@yahoo.com), February 02, 2000


Unforunately both of the hardware you mention doesn't allow realtime mpg1 capture as I gathered from before C-Cube chip is capable of encoding vcd compatible mpegs in realtime I think it was due to the licensing thing so it was disabled with the boards design.

I'm sorry I'm not familliar with sonic' DVD .

-- Mhel Marc (pingkian@hotmail.com), January 05, 2002.

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