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I had an early morning meeting in Jackson, CA and when I left to drive home, I observed planes laying down contrails all over the area. As I drove up the mountain, I continued to see the trails being sprayed (dumped?) all the way up the hill far to the east. I mentioned it to a co-worker, and she told me that when she went out yesterday afternoon, the sky over this area looked like plaid with all the trails criss-crossing the atmosphere. There were several other people in the room who had never heard of the contrail activity, but each questioned the possibility of the spray contributing to respiratory problems they'd experienced for the past two days.

-- Sharon L (, February 02, 2000


This morning about 8:00 a.m., in Chico CA, I saw some dozen contrails in the sky, most in a north/south direction. At 11 a.m. most had gone but our sky is patched with quite beautiful cirrus-wisps and some unusual striated wispy cloud formations.

-- johno (, February 02, 2000.

Has anyone actually analized this material to determine what it contains?????

-- J (, February 02, 2000.

I live near the outer marker to SFO. Over the past month, we have been crop dusted on a routine basis, to a point where I think I live in an alternative universe. This white smoke is trashing beautiful blue Bay Area days and no one notices or cares. The bulk of the traffic is North/South or South/North. They fly about 12-18,000 feet and fly directly over San Jose, Oakland and SFO airspace at will. The smoke expands and forms a cotton candy like haze that lingers for hours. If they are trying to dilute sunlight, they are doing a great job. If people think this is normal air traffic, I would suggest they go outside and take a long, hard look at this activity. It is very bizarre and not routine course of business. This is my first post on this network.

-- al bundy (, February 02, 2000.

Phoenix is once again at it -- been relatively quiet for a few weeks but just started this afternoon in earnest again. Don't quite know the correlation but military choppers once again flying outside of city limits and that also was not happening when the jets were not visible recently.

-- claurann (, February 02, 2000.

Slow day here in South Eastern San Bernardino County, Ca. as I've only seen three so far. There isn't a day goes by that there aren't at least half a dozen in this area. The day isn't over yet. They are usually in a North South direction. However today has been East/West.

-- Richard (, February 02, 2000.

They are back at it again here in North Florida. They've been spraying for the last two days (that I have noticed, anyway). Yesterday I started taking pictures. Wish we all knew what it's all about.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), February 02, 2000.

They're back at it again here in North Florida. They've been spraying for the last two days (that I have noticed, anyway). Yesterday I started taking pictures. Wish we all knew what it's all about.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), February 02, 2000.

Good reports, all!!

I need more details about each and every pattern, though. Try to make sketches or get photographs, and maybe we can come up with a book of chemtrails to get published, with normal and abnormal patterns. This is gonna be bigger than priceline!!!

-- Imso (, February 02, 2000.

Yesterday there were MAJOR contrails (?) up and down the Salinas Valley, all day long. All night long I could hear planes flying and there were more in the morning. Today there are more, but over towards the east (Gilroy, San Juan Bautista?). I have never seen anything like I saw was REALLY weird. The planes just flew back and forth all day long and the contrails (?) spread out all over and just stayed there. Driving home last night, there was a yellowish glow all over and things were very hazy. Very weird, didn't seem normal, and had a peppery, scratchy feeling in the back of my throat all day yesterday.

-- sawemtoo (, February 02, 2000.

I noticed my lumbago was worse shortly after a plane flew over.

Is that anything?

-- I'mSo (, February 02, 2000.

Please describe these Chemtrails. I live in San Jose area and everyday while outside with the pre-schoolers at work, I see plane trails that don't seem to go away and spread out very wide kind of puffy looking. I cannot remember what regular plane trails look like but these seem differnt I maybe paranoid. Never seen so many. I seem to remember seeing them once in a while way way up high. But not these.

-- Sandra Harris (, February 02, 2000.


What you have just described is exactly what we are talking about. As I drove home this morning, planes were traveling in a northerly direction, laying these bands of white out in strips. There were a few bands that ran East/West, but the majority were North/South. They were obviously being layed out in a pattern, not just a random plane going overhead. As the day progressed, these bands dissipated into wispy looking clouds that pretty much blanketed the area.

-- Sharon L (, February 02, 2000.

OK, I didn't want to believe that it was anything, but today, for the first time, I saw them. It's not that I haven't seen them before, I have, just thought it was regular plane traffic... normal, I thought. These people are just making this stuff up, I thought.

When I was a little boy, I allways looked up at the planes and allways watched the vapor trail. But the trail ALLWAYS disapeared quickly behind the plane.

Today, I pulled off of the side of the road, so I could get a clear view of the sky. I noticed 3 Jets, in no particular formation, starting at the south heading north, and would just start putting out what I thought were vapor trails, only the vapor wouldn't go away.

I watched for several minuites. One Jet would intermittently spray and stop and then a normal vapor trail came out of the plane, which did disapate quickly.

They were there from a little past noon untill 7 O'clock this evening. The wind was blowing off of the ocean from the west, and as each contrail cought up with each other, they looked like regular thin clouds. This was a CLEAR day, no clouds to be found.

Just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I told a person about it inside a shop and had them come outside. We both looked up, and I pointed out a Jet, going in a different direction with a normal vapor trail. I said "see that one, it is a normal jet, yes?" He agreed. I said "now look over there" He was stunned to see these contrails right above our heads, and they were enlarging, and looked to be falling tward the ground very slowly, kind of like when you see rain breaking from a cloud in the distance, just not as thick.

Also, at sunset, these contrails have a very slight "oily" appearance to them, just like when you look at oil and water mixed in a puddle on the ground.

I did not notice any respiratory problems, but I do know there were 3 jets out there today, doing nothing but flying from south to north, laying trails, and circling around, all day.

I would really like to know what it is they are spraying. I dont like being a lab rat.

Do yourself a favor. If you ever see a trail coming from a plane, that doesn't go away quickly, and you see a few of them. Pull over, take a few minuites and check em out. Your eyes will be opened. Mine were. Now, I just have a lot of questions, and no one of whom to ask.

-- Electman (, February 02, 2000.

You can ask me, Mr Electman.

The chemtrails are part of SOMETHING that THEY are doing. And it seems to be getting worse. We need to keep the VIGILANCE up. Make sure you write letters everywhere you can to WAKE UP THE PUBLIC, and get everybody to keep on posting about this.

We're finally starting to get some ACTION on this!!!

-- Imso (, February 02, 2000.

It was really bad today south of Portland, OR. Sky was extremely hazy, with a fog-like low hover, and chemtrails above that, with the sun casting a shadow along each chemtrail. Really odd looking. Shadows very dark gray. Also saw the oily rainbows. First day we saw the S formations squiggling straight vertically up in the sky.

Although we have now seen the chemtrails many times, this was the 2nd really stunningly unusual display we've seen (1st was the brilliant orange sunset illumination on Christmas Eve), and we've decided to carry our good camera in the car all the time, and also to buy a color scanner so we can post these. Have to see it to believe it.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, February 02, 2000.

Today, over this central San Joaquin Valley city of Fresno, California, the jets were busy spraying back and forth their plague. The contrails, always in a north to south direction never seem to evaporate like I remember when I was a kid. They just spread out until they almost touched the next contrail parallel to it as it also expanded. They worked at it all day until they covered the the entire metropolitan area. This is the most I have ever seen of the contrails. I have been hearing and reading about them but this is the most noticeable. I had to point them out to other people and then they too thought that this was "not normal". ...sdb

-- S. David Bays (, February 02, 2000.

Listened to the news again tonite. NOTHING on this important topic.

No way can this be normal!! Anybody tried to get the local newspapers at least interested? What about the big city newspapers? What about Time/Newsweek/USNEWS&World Report? McCall's? Enquirer? Atlanta Constitution? GQ? CNN? TNT? World? Bush? Clinton? Jimmy Carter? Jim Hall? State Governors? The Cabinet? Congress? WBBM? Castro? Jenny Jones? Oprah? Peter Jennings? Surely a Canadian would SPEAK OUT. What about a star athlete. Have we tried to warn Jordan?

I mean, the DEPTH of the CONSPIRACY of SILENCE and the IGNORANCE of TPTB are incredible.

Our last, best hope is the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, unless even THEY have become "THEY". I fear Y2K was the LEAST of our worries. "IT" has just begun, and I admire the courage of those willing to STAND against this nightmare.

Thanks, all. Fight on. Keep documenting. Great work.

-- Imso (, February 02, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California My Chemtrails Page

I note we have another poster from the Salinas Valley. I'm apparently a bit further south. I too noticed we got heavily sprayed yesterday. There was also some activity today.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), February 02, 2000.

Yes, I saw a lot of contrails over Central California today and each of them was along standard airline routes. Atmospheric conditions did make them more visable and lasting than usual. Planes fly north and south along the coast and on both sides of the Sierra. They fly east and west from SFO and diagonally to Las Vegas and Phoenix. On days when atmospheric conditions are not conducive to making contrails the planes are not as obvious but they are still there.

-- Evelyn (, February 02, 2000.

I live in west texas, and planes do go over going to El Paso, but they have comtrails , they go away quick, sometimes I see the trails hang in the air for hours. The small town we live close to 30, miles away, around Christmas everyone was sick with upper respirtory infections, lots of hanging trails about that time. Chem trails, comtrails, even in the wide open spaces of texas I know the difference. I look at the sky everyday.

-- sandy (, February 02, 2000.

Don't fill lonely, here in Alabama we have been sprayed for the last week. You know that is alot of fuel. Low on kerocine? Didn't someone say that is what they use in planes? If so who in the heck is doing this and why? Nothing in this spraying make since, people have got to check every place they can, you might stumble on an answer.

-- ET (, February 02, 2000.

Most people don't really want to think about anything, much less anything which they think they are powerless to do anything about. And please don't challenge any of their unquestioned assumptions about our "free" society. Perhaps that is why I am a Libertarian; I realize how truly un-free we are. That is one of the most disturbing aspects of the chemtrail/contrail phenomenon. You can not get any answers from anyone. Silly me, I labored under the delusion that we had a representative form of government. Perhaps only sheep can represent sheep ... so who is really in charge and making the decisions?

Wake them up. Ask the uncomfortable questions. Point out the nose on their face. As public awareness spreads be prepared for a benign cover story. (Thank God we don't have to think about that anymore ... baaah ... baaah)

The spraying is not some type of experiment. It is on too large a scale. It is affecting too many people adversely. It is occurring far too regularly.

It is possible that there are several things going on at once. There does appear to be a covert weather modification program (but that doesn't explain the spraying over populated areas), It does seem that there is a population control dimension to it as well. There is apparently a 4% death rate among those infected. Primarily the old and the immune impaired. (Perhaps those that are an economic burden on "society" are being systematically eliminated.)

There might also be long term health effects for those that have been infected but have recovered. The initial infection is an upper respiratory infection that does not go away and can linger for 6 weeks or more, it is associated with extreme fatigue. Following at an interval of several months there can be crippling joint pain, there might also be a rash on the body that will not go away. (I have heard that in the Austin area a lot of people are getting rashes on their faces.) Later there are blinding headaches that hurt "behind the eyes". If you know anyone that has these symptoms you should get their Doctor to get them on Doxycycline as soon as possible.

These are the same symptoms associated with "Gulf War Syndrome". It appears that one of the organisms being sprayed is Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus (there are others also). This is a particularly vicious microorganism and curiously has been extensively "researched". It has been totally mapped out genetically. There was an article in the news the other day that caught my attention. Some scientists were going to try and take out one gene at a time to find the minimal survivable set and then try to artificially recreate this life form.

Some think that there is an engineered form being sprayed. It ordinarily attacks the mucosal membranes of the lungs but can get in the blood and do "a number" on the immune system. (It changes the production of cytokines, inhibits phagocytosis, and dumps a lot of free radicals.) It is also a marker disease that can trigger the transition from having HIV and being asymptomatic to AIDS.

It is also possible that there can be long term neurological damage and birth defects.

The problem is that most Doctors won't know to test for mycoplasma, and it is apparently difficult to test for as well as almost impossible to culture. This is why everyone is described as having "flu like" symptoms. They know it isn't the flu but don't know what it is. It does respond to Doxycycline and Ciprin (Doxycycline is far cheaper) You will need to take it twice a day for about 6 weeks and it may take more than one course to get rid of it.

As for "why" THEY are doing it. ... I don't know. Perhaps THEY don't like us.

This much is clear WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DEMAND ANSWERS. If your representative won't respond to your inquiries work to throw him out and get someone in that will.

Do what you can. Keep a record of the sprayings. Try and report them. I am open to suggestions. Spread the word.

-- looking (, February 02, 2000.

Al, I dont know about you, but I'm getting all the girls I couldnt get 20 years ago (they're just 20 years older than they were then...hahaha).

Anyway, I'm glad you finally noticed. I belive Will Thomas on the website under guests, has analyzed them and found fuel oil & bacteria & fungus.

Heaven help us....this topic wont make it to the bullshit presidential dog & pony show..

-- INever (, February 03, 2000.

Wow! We knew the sky over us today was really unusual. We spent the afternoon in Sherwood and just found this article, which explains some of the amazing waves, shadows and rainbows we saw:

Emergency Forces Jet Down At PDX

Plane Dumps Fuel Over Sherwood

David Krough, Staff Writer, February 2, 2000, 4:42 p.m. PST

PORTLAND -- A Tokyo-bound airliner made an unscheduled, emergency landing in Portland after reporting hydraulic problems.

KOIN 6 News reports that the jet, a Boeing MD-11, dumped 30,000 gallons of fuel over Sherwood en route to Portland International Airport. Delta Flight 79 from Los Angeles to Tokyo has 128 passengers on board. It left L.A. at 11:05 a.m. and was scheduled to land at Narita Airport Thurdsay morning.

The MD-11 is a fairly new jet, according to the Boeing Web site. It was initially launched in 1986, and started production in 1988. The plane comes in a passenger model, a freighter model and a "combi" model, which carries a combination of passengers and freight.

The jet landed safely at about 2 p.m. Emergency crews are on hand at PDX.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, February 03, 2000.


What a great post. Mycoplasma, of course!! Very hard to culture, so hard to prove anything, even if we send a research plane up to sample the material. Mycoplasma does make cold agglutinins against the I antigen, as I recall, and there is a crude bedside test for this where you just ice down the plasma and get a white precipitant. I need to go look this up as it has been many years...

As I recall, macrolides are OK too, for treatment (erythromycin, etc) and these are cheaper than ciprofloxin or doxycycline. Hey, here's a thought: It's the DRUG COMPANIES!! They are rich, and want to get richer, and may be worried about their stocks, especially since they must have known higher interest rates are coming and might hurt the manipulated stock market. They could have SECRETLY altered thousands of planes with a little device that sprays out mycomplasma and the "oily" material is a medium to keep the mycoplasma alive since it is so fastidious.

We're rolling now. I smell VICTORY!!

And here's ANOTHER thing. There are two new treatments for the flu (Tamiflu and Relenza) so maybe those companies have a vested interest in spreading the flu itself! Or what about the vitamin C companies since we all take Vitamin C when we're sick...Or the Zinc makers...THEY could all be in this together since THEY would want us to all be sick. Oh man; is this coming together for me now!!!

-- I'mSo (, February 03, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

ImSo said:It's the DRUG COMPANIES!! They are rich, and want to get richer

I realize, of course, that you're trying to make an outlandish statement to discredit the very idea that there's anything at all going on, but you may just be on to something. I wouldn't put it past the AMA to give a back room head nod to a plan that's supposed to protect "the people" from some bio weapon, at the cost of low grade chronic health problems.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), February 03, 2000.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm So, I could have warned you that someone would take your "solution" and run with it. Oh My Dog!

I think they are spraying ground up "smart pills". Some of these folks should go out and BREATH VERY DEEPLY, THIIRTEEN TIMES!

-- jumpoff joe a.k.a. Al K. Lloyd (, February 04, 2000.

I believe that my mother has respitory problems also! There is a cure! All you got to do is go to the hospital! DUH! Always, Amber Harny

-- Anmber Harny (Amber@boys88.Qwest), November 27, 2001.

con trails are a part of my life since birth.they were out lawed thirty years ago over the greater la aria I live in rual AZ and they have been out there daily they are trainning they stay longer in colder weather.but they are there every where,all across the usa especaly those that are with in 500 miles of an airforce bace.I live in the middle of three. con[com] trails are here to stay

-- Lina Mason (, January 03, 2003.

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